Sunny Florida

Hi Friends,

I'm starting this year off the right way... on vacation!!!! I've been traveling since the December 20th and I'm actually ready to go home. Today is my last full day in sunny Florida so I'm soaking up some rays and working my little booty off. I made a promise to myself I will dedicate 5-8 hours a day to this blog and my social media presence, so far so good. If I can stay on track while everyone else is hanging out by the pool and catching waves on the beach I'm off to a great start. 

I attending an amazing wedding last weekend. My boyfriend is still pretty close to his college friends so we've been going to more weddings then ever. This one was pretty awesome, it gave us an excuse to party in Miami for New Years and work on our tans in Delray. I finally got to see my man in a tux... he cleans up very very well, if I do say so myself.  I also used Rent the Runway for the first time. I've heard nothing but great things about this service and decided to bite the bullet and order a dress for this formal event. Of course I picked out one of the most expensive dresses on the site and decided to rent a 2nd one just in case it didn't fit right. I was presently surprised when both dresses fit like a glove and let my man make the final decision. We went with a black lace mermaid style dress with off the shoulder straps and a complicated lace design. I received many complaints, it sexy yet not too sexy if that makes any sense. I had a few issues with the top, it kept sliding down and showing the black slip underneath but that's a common problem since I'm a bit chesty. I did notice I was showing the most cleavage out of the 250+ wedding guest, but what can I say, if you have them flaunt them, it wasn't un-tastful, I'm just a busty girl. 

We fly back to Cali tomorrow evening, back to the rain and the cold, I'll be in galoshes and hats in less than 48 hours. I miss my house, my DRV and my kitchen. 

Other then my work schedule I didn't make any New Year Resolutions this year. Nope I'm keeping it simple, my mind is going to be on work for the next 360 days and I can't wait to see the success I am able to manifest. 

I also have a few random Christmas presents to open when we get home since I didn't want to open them alone. Can't wait to see what else I got. 

Well that's all I have for you guys today,
The man and I are going to explore Delay, check out some shops and eat some seafood. I think I'm all beached out but who knows where the night is going to take us. 

Peace & Love,

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