Zucchini Chips, Unrealistic Body Goals, and Self Love

Hello Friends!

It's Tuesday, which means we are that much closer to Friday. 

Yesterday was very productive for me, and today should be the same. 

Lets talk about Zucchini Chips. I followed the instruction, it was a simple recipe, the hardest part was coating the zucchini, but that's always a little messy. When I first pulled them out of the oven I wasn't very impressed, but as they cooled off I noticed they disappeared within 10 minutes. 

Confession: I ate the entire batch of Zucchini chips and had no room for dinner last night. They were that good. It's hard to tell that they are low fat. 

These were fun to make, and every funner to eat. I can see why kids gobble these healthy tasty treats right up. 

Lets talk about Unrealistic Body Goals

As a Personal Trainer one of my daily chores is to educate women on what they can and cannot achieve with exercise and diet. I am a curvy voluptuous woman, my shape is desired by many people, and it does help me obtain clients. 

Red Flag Statement: "I want to look just like you, if I work out with you will I look just like you in 6 months?"

As flattered as I am, the answer is always NO.  My shape is my shape. My big boobs, my small waist, my big hips and my gravity defying booty is in my genetic blueprint. But I can help you get in the best shape of your life, which will tighten up your mid-section, lift your rear end, while re-shaping and toning upper-body. I know it's not the answer that my potential clients are looking for, but it's the truth. I'm only selling truth, not dreams. 

I always teach self-love. Love yourself, love your body, you will be with it for the rest of your life. You can't hate your butt, because it's your butt, learn to live with it, then learn to love it. 

I didn't always love my body, there was a long period of my life that I hated my body. I wished I looked like my sister, she was slim on the top and heavy on the bottom. I figured she was perfect, and I was constantly depressed. It took me 26 years to realize my body was just as desirable as her body, it was just different. 

Common Body Goals that are Unrealistic 
Shape Magazine 8/21/13

Thigh Gap

For most women the only way to not have your thighs touch is to rearrange your bone structure. 

*No diet or fitness plan is going to change your bone structure. 

Urban Legend: Birth control Pills have extra Estrogen that will help widen your hips and create that gap.

That doesn't work, you cannot control your hip size

Personal Reflection:
I'm not into the thigh gap revolution. I did read an article about a group of teenage girls that were starving themselves to obtain the "hip gap". As much as I'm not a fan, I can understand wanting to look as thin and sexy as possible. This goes back to loving yourself. I would love to have a sexy thigh gap, but I've never had one, and I have a sneaky feeling that I will never have a thigh gap, which I am willing to live with. 

V-Cut Abs

Some women carry weight in their midsection which makes it close to impossible to have those ripped V-Cut abs that are all the rage.  You many even have abs, that are hidden under a layer of fat. 

*You may need to drop body fat to an unhealthy level to achieve this look.

Personal Reflection:
I want a 6pack!! My goal was a 6 pack by summer. This is where i am at now: 

I'm pretty happy with how flat my abdominals are, I still want a  6 pack, and I'm learning so do most women. I'm working everyday towards that goal. Maybe one day I will finally reach what has been unreachable, regardless of the results I will never stop trying. 

Tone Arms

Michelle Obama, Madonna, Kelly Ripa
All these women have wonderfully toned arms, the kind that put most of us to shame. 

*Fact: It takes as little as 6 weeks of consistent strength training to tighten your triceps and biceps. That doesn't mean you will be as ripped as Michelle Obama but you will see some improvement. 

Personal Reflection: I've always wanted sexy toned arms. When I met my boyfriend I was ripped. I used to do 100 push-ups every morning, followed by 5-10 pull ups, which gave me those sexy cuts that are desired. Within the last 3 years my weight yo-yoed and my sexy arms went away. I was devastated, but I never gave up. I tried to go back to push-ups but they were boring, and unexciting. Instead of push-ups I started Kettle Bell training, and add complexed plank movements to my workout routine. After a lot of sweat and pain my sexy arms are back in action. I can't compete with Madonna, but I do have definition in my biceps and triceps, not to mention I feel stronger and sexier then ever. 

Concave Stomach

Go to any beach in Miami, it seems like those women have the formula to a stomach that sinks in when they bend over. 

*Fact: Fit abs tend to bulge outward. The only way to have a stomach that collapse inward is to lose an unhealthy amount of weight. 

Personal Reflection:
I don't know about this one. I blame it on genetics. One of my good friends stomach sinks in when she bends over, but she has also been a size 2 for the last 15 years. Other then her I personally don't know anyone who is so lucky. I know when I bend over my stomach pokes out, in a very unattractive way. I've learn to live with it, my body is my body, no use in hoping for something that is never going to happen for me. 

This entire post is about Self Love. Learn to love yourslef, its important. 

Blessings my Friends

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