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Hi Friends!

I am currently on a plane heading back to Cali, can’t wait to get home. I had a productive day of eating, getting the best hot stone massage I’ve ever had and rushing through the airport only to get held up at security for no apparent reason other then my computer was a threat to humanity and the entire Fort Lauderdale International airport. I’ve been waiting all day to sit down and properly address the weeks Self-Improvement Challenge of decluttering your life. 

I’m a pretty organized human being, I like to schedule, make lists and put everything in its place before I can even think about relaxing. I think/know my Mother brainwashed me when I was younger. Every Saturday was filled with cleaning the house from bathrooms to changing sheets and even sweeping behind the refrigerator.  Once the entire house was clean and we were tucked tightly in our sweet smelling sheets my mother would enter the room and ask my sister and me how good we felt to relax in a clean house, how much better it felt when everything was in its place and that real women kept the house clean and in order. This may not seem like much to you but every Saturday I heard the same speech and it somehow stuck to me like glue. I no longer clean my house on Saturdays but I must admit I’m not fully comfortable unless everything is clean and in order. 

My first boyfriend told me I was too clean, my second boyfriend called me a neat freak, and my current boyfriend has no complaints about my neat freak tendency, that is until he can’t find something lol. 

I have a few tips that I use on a daily bases to keep everything dress right dress aka in order, neat, and uncluttered

You know those command hooks that don’t damage the walls? They cost about 3-5 buck? Invest in a few packs of those bad boys. They have all kinds of styles, types, hooks, colors you should be about to find something that matches the decor of your home, office or room
Now hook it
This is a great solution for organizing hats, ties, scarfs, shirts, coats, jewelry, keys, bag packs and more. You can also use them as a convenient place to hang sweaty workout clothes, work clothes, even funky shoes.

I use these hooks to plan my outfits, hang wet towels and organizing my exercise equipment

Easier said then done right? 
Well I have a tried and true method that’s helps me cut down on my semi hoarding tendencies
I have the issues of keeping every little card, plane ticket, event stub, and business card to scrapbook at a later date
I love scrap-booking but I’ve only successfully completed 1 book

So that’s where shoe boxes come in hand

I keep a shoe box full of little trinkets I might use in a project. I usually give it a month or two and if I don’t start the project or I have no use for it I throw it away. This sounds a lot easier then it is, but it’s a good starting place to keep your life in some kind of order

Now when it comes to bigger stuff, junk that just won’t fit in a shoe box you I have a simple rule, if I haven’t see it, wore it or used in within 6 months I trash it.

Decluttering and organizing your life isn’t all about throwing things away, sometimes taking the time to create a daily to-do list keeps your day productive and on the right track. It’s harder to forget/overlook things if you write it down somewhere where you can see it. Growing up we always had a shopping list stuck to the fridge, that way if we ran out of anything we just quickly jotted it down, it made shopping a breeze because you didn’t have to scower the cupboards looking and guess what we were out of. During my management days I made a daily to-do list and made sure to check it at least an hour before closing time, this kept me efficient and effective in my position 

It takes a while to make a habit of writing everything down but once you get it you will never go back to trying to keep everything in that over crowded brain of yours. 

Everyone should have one of those free discount cards from the container store. Target also has any and every size Tupperware container you will ever need. I recently used 5-10 shoe sized clear Tupperware containers to organize my art studio, ribbons in one box, stamps in another, crayons in another, and so on so forth.

I usually opt for clear Tupperware so you can see whats in the containers
No muss no fuss!!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my decluttering tips. 
Try a few out and let me know if it helps you stay organized

Peace & Love, 

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