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Fitness Challenge

Skater lunges

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to complete skater lunges 12 reps 4 sets, 5-6 days this week

Why why why
  • Skater lunges target your entire lower body and core
  • Lunges are functional exercise that can improve your performance of everyday movements
  • Lunges increase hip flexibility, which are usually tight in individuals that sit down most of the day
  • Skater lunges improves core stability and challenges balance
  • Just yourself
Skater Lunges

Complete 12 reps 4 sets
 5-6 days this week

Legs wider than shoulder width apart toes facing forward
Place hands where comfortable 
Place body weight to left side bending left leg at a 90 degree angle
Drop down into a lunge
Quickly and carefully move to right dropping down into a lunge
Feet never move
*make sure knees never extend past toes
*Keep chest up throughout the exercise

My Take
I have a serious love hate relationship with lunges but I've learned to love them because of the results they provide. Skater lunges are low impact while getting all the benefits of regular lunges and challenging your balance. This is a great exercise to add to your regular routine. 

Nutrition Challenge 

Challenge Synopsis
Feed your skin by eating healthy foods 

Why Why Why
  • Consuming certain foods can improve and brighten complexion
  • Maintaining a clean diet can help with acne breakouts, eczema, redness, dryness, and much more
  • Skin foods are usually fruits and vegetables which are also heart healthy
Foods for healthier skin
  • Yogurt - packed with protein, firms skin and calms irritation
  • Pomegranates - regulates skin blood flow, fights free radicals
  • Walnuts - Improves complexion texture, improves skin elasticity
  • Red and green peppers - decreases skins sensitivity to sun
  • Sunflower seeds - Full of essential fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Kidney beans - high in zinc that which help prevent blemishes 
  • Soy beans - reduces hyper-pigmentation, can prevent sun spots 
  • Oatmeal - Keeps blood sugar regulated and great at healing skin
  • Green tea - high in antioxidants and fights inflammation
  • Consume as many healthy skin foods as you can all week
My Take
I usually break out every 3 months, which is annoying but not as bad as other people I know. I'm taking this challenge seriously, hopefully filling my diet with skin healthy foods will keep my breakout to a minimum. A few years ago I cleared my persistent eczema with fresh orange peel and carrot juice. 

Self Improvement Challenge 

Say Something Positive Activity

Challenge Synopsis
  • Complete this Self Improvement exercise, with friends or family members, to boost self-esteem and learn how others view you
Why Why Why 
  • This activity is designed to elevate your self-esteem and self-worth 
  • Sharing and listening to opinions of friend and loved ones can have a positive effect on your life
  • We tend to hold ourselves to impossible standers while giving others the benefit of the doubt
  • Yourself and a family member or friend
  • Call, text or set up a time to hangout with a friend, family member or close co-worker
  • Try to record this activity
  • Take your turn and say one positive thing about each other start with this statement "I like that you are..."
  • Every comment must be positive 
  • Go back and forth for at least 2-3 minutes
  • When exercise is complete jot down a few positive words that were said and review them everyday this week
My Take
This is another life coaching exercise that I use with my clients. I  can't wait to complete this exercise with my friend that lives in LA. We have been friends for over 8 years and she knows me better than most people. I can't wait to see what positive things she has to say about me because since I have lots of amazing things to say about her. 

Peace & Love,


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