Challenge Monday

It's Challenge Monday.... Let's go

Fitness Challenge

Dead Lift it

Challenge Synopsis
  • I challenge you to complete Deadlifts 4 sets 12 reps everyday this week
    • *for an added challenge hold light dumbbells while complete this exercise

Why Why Why
  • Dead lifts are a lower body exercise that, when performed correctly, strengthens all major muscle groups
  • Dead lifts are compared to squats because they help tone, shape and lift dat booty
  • 10 dead lift reps can increase your cardiovascular ability 
  • Dead lifts can increase fat burning, improve posture & balance and help prevent injury by strengthening hamstrings & lower back 
  • Just yourself


Complete 4 sets 12 reps 5-4 days this week

*for an added challenge hold light dumbbells 

Stand with feet shoulder width apart
Head facing forward
Hands in a fist

Soften your knees and bend at your waist keeping your back as flat as possible
You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings 

Slowly lower yourself until hands are 1/2 down calfs or where you feel comfortable
*if you have tight hamstring your movements will be shallow, that's ok, work to your comfort level

Slowly bring body back to starting position, making sure to keep back as flat as possible

Form is better then speed with this exercise, slow and controlled movements only 

That's one rep

My Take
Last week I featured lunges and got lots of requests for a lower body exercise that easier on the knees. Deadlifts are low impact and gets your heart pumping. Enjoy!

Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Synopsis 
I challenge you to eat 500 calories or less for dinner 4-5 days this week 

Why Why Why
  • It's the beginning of the new year, this challenge will start you on the right track
  • Keeping your calorie count down at dinner will stimulate weight loss and rev up your metabolize 
  • Because I said so!!!

  • low calorie recipes 
  • low calorie restaurant tips

  • At least 4-5 days this week keep your dinner to 500 calories included all condiments and sauces 
  • I'm posting recipes and meal ideas later on this week
  • Check out this site for more ideas

My Take
I'm excited about this weeks challenge, and that's all I have to say about this one. I need healthy jump start.

Self Improvement Challenge 

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to breath deep this week
Why Why Why
  • Breathing detoxifies and releases toxins
  • Breathing can elevate your mood and boosts energy levels while improving stamina
  • Breath helps relax your mind and body and can bring clarity to situations
  • Breathing massages internal organs
  • Breathing strengths immune system and improves posture
  • A quiet place
  • Yourself
  • Set aside a few minutes this week
  • Find a quiet place and get comfortable on the sitting or laying 
  • Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest
  • Breath deeply in through our nose allowing your stomach to expand 
  • Exhale through your mouth loudly fully emptying your lungs
  • Repeat 15-20 times
  • You should be in a relaxed state at the end of this exercise  
My Take
I've been practicing breathing techniques for the last few years and   its improved my life in many ways. While visiting with my sister in I learned she also practicing breathing techniques that help her keep her clam in frustrating situations. This challenge is a great one for anyone that has to deal with the human race on a daily bases... I'm sure that includes you! 

That's All Today folks!
Peace &  Love,


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