Spinning and Winning, Wedding in Vail, and Sweating in Hotels

Hi Friends

Yesterday turned into a pretty good day. I didn't feel well, yet I was still highly productive. I ended up giving up on my workout a little more than half way through. My body felt strong, but my mind was weak. I just didn't feel like sweating anymore. I felt horrible about myself, and had to call one of my friends for a little pep talk. Even the most motivated person has "those days", but today will be better.

Todays plan is to finish my workout from yesterday and get in around 15-20 miles on the spin bike. I've fallen in love with the spin bike. Something about standing up and pedaling, or tighten up the resistance and pushing yourself. I know I'm doing a good job when everyone in the gym starts staring at me. I only ride for an hour, and I try to keep track of all time and my mileage. Check it out. 

Always one to move forward my goal is to reach 19 miles, then 20. When I first started dating my boyfriend I used to send him my workout stats. He would always have some kind of encouraging words, or tell me I was a beast and he was proud of me. We met in a gym which was a blessing. We both believe in fitness, we both respect our bodies, and we both love eating. Seems like a match made in heaven to me! 

I did better with my water intake yesterday. I will try harder today, it's so hard to get the full amount, but that will not stop me from trying. 

This weekend I'm going to a football game and a wedding. What do I wear to a wedding in Vail? I have no idea. Is black to dark? Short dress or long dress? I have no idea which direction to start looking. Here are some suggestion I found on Pinterest. 

I'm sure I can find something in my closet or at a store that will work for this event. I also need a few leasuire outfits for the night before and the day after. Then the question turns into what to wear to the game? 

I pulled off a simple sexy dress last week, not only did I get a lot of compliments, but I felt beautiful and sexy which is always my goal. I've set my bar high this year. I just don't know where to go from here. Any suggestions?

Since I will be traveling for the next few months I've been researching and creating workouts that I can do in the hotel room, or the hotel gym. Check them out 

Cardio will be my friend on these trips, but there will be times where I need to complete a full body workout. I don't mind workout on the road, I love watchings peoples reaction to me at the gym, especially at a hotel gym. LOL love it. People can't stop staring, they can't believe some black girl is doing handstand push-ups or 3 sets of 25 deep squats. Its a beautiful thing, being myself is a beautiful thing. 

OK friends I need to get my day started. 

To do:
clean house
call handy man to fix something in my house
do my budget
sweat sweat sweat


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