Tough Mudder & Face Mapping


I have something to share with all of you... I'm going to do Tough Mudder.

I went on an amazing hike last week and a friend who just decided to   participate in the obstacle course invited me to join her. I’m always looking for ways to prove to myself I’m an athlete and bad ass. I wish I competed in sports when I was in high school because I have a serious “MUST WIN… MUST KICK BOOTY… MUST NEVER STOP...”  mentality about me. I was already 90% sure I was going to participate when I mentioned my decision to the boyfriend. He of course told me I shouldn’t do it, I’m too clumsy, I can’t swim, I can’t run, and I will for sure hurt myself. I knew he was going to say something like that, but I must admit it hurt not to have his full support. In my very own dream world he would ask to join me, we would train together and he would never doubt my ability or bring up my clumsiness. But this is the real world and he’s right about a few things, really every thing his siad is 100% correct, I can’t swim, I am clumsy, and I might hurt myself. If you know me you know that’s not going to stop me.  

I’m going to set up some swim lessons next month and start running on the treadmill, and outside, at least twice a week. I have 5 months to get in uber shape. The smart thing is to start slow and go big. I can’t wait to push myself pass my comfort zone. The boyfriend told me I am on my own, he doesn’t even want to come to the event. The goal is to kill the race then retreat to a nice hotel room for drinks and lots of relaxations. I know I can do this! What do you guys think?

I created an acne face map in honor of this weeks nutrition challenge. I've always been obsessed with these maps. It's so cool to see which part of the body and vital organs effects the delicate skin on your face. I've been having issues with my jaw line which means I have some kind of imbalance in my colon or lunges. Colon cleanser... here I come, lol. 

Face mapping can be the key to unlocking the mystery behind skin issues. Breakouts can be a sign that your body is fighting bacteria and illnesses. Try to give your skin a break by going makeup(less), relaxing, drinking lots of water and eating clean. 

Your skin can communicate with you on behalf of your vital organs. 
*Remember just because you get a pimple on your forehead doesn't always mean you have small intestine blockage. Leave the diagnosing to your doctor. 

Peace & Love, 

the beauty gypsy

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