Happy Friday

Happy Friday Boys & Girls

I've only been home for a few days and I'm still getting back into the swing of things. Seems like my body is still in vacation mode since I fell down my stairs last night after coming from dinner. It was strange, I felt myself falling, I knew I was going to fall, yet I couldn't adjust and ended up twisting my ankle pretty bad. It's super sore and tender to touch right now, I plan on icing it and keeping it elevated after I pay some bills, go grocery shopping and cook dinner, that's my  life, I just don't know how to slow down. The goal is to stay in this weekend and nurse myself back to health. Oh did I tell you guys I'm sick? Lil ole Mary is a bit under the weather. It's from traveling to different climates, partying all night, and not getting the proper rest, at least I ate clean while away or I would really be messed up.

All that said this posting will be short and sweet.

I do have a brunch date with a good friend tomorrow that I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with. 

Walking the streets of San Francisco I ran across a swing hanging from a tree and had to take it for a ride. I was instantly transformed back to my childhood days filled with joy and glee, not a care in the world. I heard there are more then a few of these secret swings scattered throughout SF, can't wait to find all of them. 

The boyfriend snapped a picture you can see the twinkle in my eyes and a smile so big you can see all of my teeth.

I'm leaving you with this awesome picture of me, I hope it feels your weekend with joy.

Peace & Love, 

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