Work Those Arms

Hi Friends,
I have some exercises coming at you today. Going through my blog I realized I only share workouts on Monday and that has to change. I exercise at least 5 days a week. 5 days gym cardio, then I double up workouts 3 days a week at home where I complete my upper body lower body, full body exercise series. Since exercising is such a huge part of my life it should also be a huge part of this blog. 

I do my lifting and calistetic workouts at home because I'm not comfortable exercising around people. At the gym, it feels like, everyone is always staring at me. I realize I'm attractive and my workouts are intense but that doesn't make up the uncomfortable feeling I get while I'm trying to work up a burn.

Let's stick with upper body workouts this week.

I usually don't lift a lot of weight. I love body weight exercises, why not use your own body weight to make you stronger. Today is an exception.

This exercise is called 5s
Complete 10 reps of 5 exercises, non-stop
No resting no complaining no questions 

It burns so good and helps tone and tighten your chest, bicep & triceps.

Bicep curls

Shoulder press

Tricep press

Shoulder raises 

Front raises 

That's all today folks!
Peace & Love,

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