Happy Friday

Hi Friends!

Sorry this is coming at ya late, I had a loooong day and didn't have the energy to write, edit, and post last night. 

Yesterday was 9/11 a National Day of Service. I volunteered my time and helped stuff 1500 bag pack in under 1 hour. I felt good to give back, I was sweating like a dog within 5 minutes. It was a great experience, can't wait to do it again next year.

I've been peppering my love for KeVita into my posts. Drinking one for the past 14 days straight and I can really feel a positive change in my body. Probiotics scared me a little in the beginning. The fact that it's bacteria was a intimidating, but not anymore.

KeVita isn't super sweet and the health benefits are astronomical. It soothes stomach pain, cramps, and bloating, while filling your gut with 'good bacteria' keeping your immune system, digestive tract, and intestinal tract healthy. It's low in calories and fat which is always a plus in my book. My favorite flavor is the lemon cayenne cleanse, I'm also partial to Tangerine. 

If you haven't tried 
KeVita yet I hope this post inspires you to buy a bottle. I know with every sip I'm doing something great for my body, 'good' bacteria is a big key to my overall health. 

That's all today folk!
Peace & Love,

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