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Hi Guys!

Today was a good day, sun is shining, birds chirping, I got up early, killed my workout and hung out with my boo-thang for the rest of the day. Today was a good day! contacted me and asked me to share my favorite fall cocktail or mocktail, jumped at the opportunity. is a convenient wedding planning website that takes the stress out of planing and makes it fun. Check out there planning page even if you're not engaged it's never too early to start designing your dream wedding. This is the first cocktail I've featured on Evolve With Mary, and I have a feeling it won't be my last. 

After all this time I still enjoy my baby's company. I'm getting older and the sparkle and glam of sitting in a bar all night has dimmed. We do go out on the town a few nights a week, but most of the time, after dinner, we head home and enjoy a night cap together.

He went to college in New Orleans and practically grew up drinking Lynchburg Lemonades, which are made with whiskey. We aren't big whiskey fans so he opted for vodka and the rest is history.

We named them Pecan Sandy for no other reason then we are both pretty silly and Pecan Sandy's rolls off the tongue.

Mason jars make it fun to drink with some old fashion flare, plus they conveniently turn into a makeshift shaker and they are the exact dimensions for our recipe. 

Juice from 1/2 of a lemon
2 oz vodka
3-1/2 oz Snapple half and half
2 oz Limonata flavored San Pellegrino 

Fill mason jar with ice

Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into mason jar
Add 2oz vodka  

Add 3-1/2oz Half and Half Snapple
Add 2oz Limonata flavored San Pellegrino 

Secure lid and shake shake shake

Top with lemon zest or rind


This drink is refreshing and goes down easy. You have to be mindful because they will sneak up on you. Enjoy these drinks on a peaceful summer day or a chilly fall night to remind you of the joys of summer.

That's all today folks!
Peace & Love,

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