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I don't do sodas at all and I'm not a big lemonade and/or ice tea person. My main drink is water, then hot tea and KeVita. I grew up in California drinking lots of ice water, so drinking water everyday is second nature to me. But that's not what inspired this week's nutrition challenge.

I attended a gala on Saturday and decided to get an oxygen facial for the event. They actually inject oxygen into your pores, Naomi Campbell will not do a runway show without having this facial. I always look 5 years younger after the procedure. If you ever want to treat yourself I recommend it. 

While laying on the table the esthetician updated me on my skin's health. I learned that there is no way to shrink pores, pore size is hereditary, the only way to make your pores smaller and less visible is to drink water.  Her biggest tip was to stay hydrated. If I was fully hydrated my pores would look smaller. I knew right then and there I was going to triple my water intake and I wanted all of you to get in on the fun. 

Water has a rejuvenating effects on the skin. 

What kinda of effects you ask??

Effects of water in the body 

Water is an essential component for the effective function
of the body

Water wards off dehydration, dehydration occurs when the body doesn't have enough water to support vital functions

Water cleanses the body by removing toxins and waste 

Lack of water can cause constipation, asthma, allergies, hypertension, migraine and other health problems 

Effects of water on skin

Water is a great substitute for expensive anti-aging treatments 
Keeping the skin well hydrated enhances complexion 
Drinking an adequate amount of water is more important than applying tropical cream

Drinking an adequate amount of water fights skin disorders like psoriasis, wrinkles and eczema 
Water also gives you healthy glowing skin

A cold shower or relaxing bath calms nerves and reduces the stress related to damaging the skin
Soak your entire body in cold water for 2-4 minutes to rejuvenate the skin

Open your pores by washing your face with cold water
Close your pores by splashing cold water on your face 

Cold water tigh
tens pores and prevents them from getting clogged while reducing the appearance of acne

Tomorrow we are going to get into at home water therapy. 

Peace & Love,


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