Ab-dom-inal Mondays!!!  Ab-dom-inal Mondays!!! 
 6 pack by sum-mer!!! 6 pack by sum-mer!!!

Happy Monday my friends!
Abs. Abs. Abs. Abs. Abs.
That’s what Monday is all about Abs! I had a good week watching my food intake and exercising. I don’t have any more excuses, its abdominal Mondays, so check out my abdominals.

Here they go:
I pray that I am not going backwards. 

*Abdominal Friendly snacks.
I am a snacker. I love to snack on different things, sometimes its easier then trying to find a full meal. There are certain snacks that are abdominal friendly. Most people know that almonds are good snacks; they are filled with healthy fats and oils. I also like including avocados, walnuts, grapefruit, quinoa, green tea, and Swiss chard in my diet on a weekly bases. Try some of these muscles foods, and tell me what you think. Remember abdominals are made in the kitchen not in the gym.

Benefits of doing Supermans
  • Supermans strengthens the entire portions of the erector spinae and all of the muscles up and down the spine
  • Superman exercise requires every vertebra joint mobilization
  • Supermans are great for anyone sitting in a desk all day, because it strengthens the erector spinae muscles, and over time, this exercise will reduce the forward curvature of the thoracic spine, which is acquired from years of sitting still.  

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