Challenge Monday

It's Challenge Monday

Fitness Challenge
Set that booty on fire 
with these kneeling glute exercises

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to complete my glute burning exercise everyday this week

Why Why Why
  • These exercises are designed to tone, lift and sculpt your buttocks
  • The lower body has some of the largest muscles in the body
  • These muscles are used consistently to sit, stand, squat, and lunge
  • Strong legs make everyday activities easier and can protect you from injury 
  • Everyone wants a nice firm bubble butt
  • Willpower
  • Water
  • Extra time
  • Disciple
  • Strong mind
Complete 4 sets, 12 reps of each exercise
All exercises should be completed slowly, no rushing 

Backward Leg Kicks

  • Starting in all 4s, palms and knees on floor, spine in neutral position
  • Lift leg leg off floor drawing it as close to chest as possible 
  • In a continuous motion kick leg straight back behind body
  • That's one rep
  • When reps are completed switch sides

Backward Leg Pulses

  • Starting on all 4s, palms and knees on floor, spine in natural position
  • Extend left leg behind body, about glute  height
  • Squeeze glutes as you lift legs 1-2 inches up in air, hold for 1 second
  • That's one rep
  • When reps are completed switch sides

Kneeling Side Leg Kicks

  • Starting on all 4s, palms and knees on floor, spine in natural position
  • Extend left leg out to left side about hip height, or as high as feels comfortable 
  • Squeeze core and glutes as you lift left leg as high as you can, return leg to starting position
  • That's one rep
  • When reps are completed switch sides

Around the World Leg Circles

  • Start on all 4s, palms and knees on floor, spine in natural position
  • Lift left leg off ground, bend at knee creating a 90 degree angle, sole of feet pointed up to the sky
  • Move glutes in a circular motion making a circle with your knee
  • That's one rep
  • When reps are completed switch sides

My Take
The more an exercise burns the better the workout and these ones feel like fire. I like this 
routine because you get a great lower body workout without any squats or lunges. You just have to get on all 4s and deal with the burning sensation, you can do that. 

Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to consume probiotics everyday this week

Why Why Why 
  • Probiotics are living microorganism (usually bacteria) that are similar to microorganisms naturally found in the human gut
  • This "good" bacteria helps prevent and treat many different conditions
  • Probiotic bacteria helps the immune system and gastrointestinal tract
  • When probiotics are present and plentiful in the body it's harder for bacteria that causes sickness to develop 
  • Probiotics helps the body absorb important vitamins and nutrients like iron, chromium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin V, vitamin K
  • Probiotics can help fight cancer, tumors, colds and constipation
  • Probiotics are responsible for 70% of our immune system 
  • There are over 100 benefits of taking probiotics 
  • Probiotic drinks
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Top Probiotic Foods: Kefir, Soft cheese, Kimchi, Miso soup, Yogurt, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Sour pickles
Include foods rich in Probiotic into your diet daily

My Take
I got my greedy little hands on KeVita a probiotic drink and I fell in love with it. I'll be featuring the drink a little later this week, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't start consuming those probiotics right now. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy from the inside out. I hope this weeks challenge has the same effect on you. 

Self Improvement Challenge
Go to a museum

Fly like a bird at the Ross Perot museum in Dallas, Texas

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to go to a museums (or two) this week

Why Why Why
  • The role of museums are to engage and educate the community
  • Museum are an fun, creative, and effective way to learn and retain knowledge 
  • One visit to a museum exposes visitors to in-depth knowledge on subjects
  • Museums allow you to form your own unique experiences in an informal learning environment 
  • Museums are a great 1st date, family outing, lazy Saturday meeting place that everyone can enjoy
  • $6-$15 bucks - sometime there are free entry days
  • Find a list if your local museums here
  • An open mind

My Take
This weekend I visited Dallas Texas. I decided to spend a day hopping around their fabulous museum district with my boyfriend. We visited The Dallas Art Museum, The Asian Art Museum and The Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Each one was fun, informational, and engaging. My favorite was the Ross Perot Museum which  has a  dinosaur exhibit, a 'make/fly your own bird' station, a crystal exhibit that blew my mind, and way way more. I could have spent the rest of my vacation in that 5 story wonderland. The experience inspired this challenge. I love dragging friends and  family members to museums with me because it's always a good time. My parents took me to museums as a child which led me to go to art school. This week get out of the house, find a good museum and thank yourself later. 

That's all I have for you today,
Peace & Love,


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