Another LONG Travel Day


Hi friends, 
I'm on the road again, I should say I'm on the water and road again.

Today we left the beautiful Ylang Ylang resort. If you ever want to take a relaxing vacation in the jungle I suggest Ylang Ylang. The staff is friendly, almost to a fault, the spa services were second to none, and the accommodations were breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. Every night I fell asleep to the sound of powerful waves crashing against the beach. The pace was always slow and easy, no where to rush off too, just a place to slow down and enjoy life. There was also great wifi through the resort. The only "downfall" if you would even call it that, was the wildlife. I enjoyed all the bugs, monkeys, and exotic birds, some people might not be as adventurous, and since the resort is situated in the jungle it's impossible to avoid a little contact with nature. It was well worth the few bug bites I got. 

We drove an hour through town to the ferry which dropped us off in Pantaneras. From there were supposed to drive a quick 2 hours to Manuel Antiono National Park, Parador Resort where the wedding will be held.

But we got stuck in 2 hour gridlock. It was horrible, we didn't move more than 15 feet for at least 2 hours. I've never experienced so,etching like that, especially in a 3rd world Country. We were getting fried like bacon, yet somehow staid positive and made the best out of the frustrating situation. We should have made it to our destination at by 3pm, instead we arrived after 7pm.  

Oh well, we showered and met up with tons of friends and kicked this wedding weekend off with a bang. Lots of drinking, eating, small talk, and dancing. I can't wait to get back into the ocean, maybe tomorrow I'll take an early morning run on the beach.

Peace & Love

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