Corn Cob Uses

Hi friends!
This weeks nutrition challenge is to eat more corn.

I've always wonder what I could do with corn cobs. That's what today is all about, different uses for corn cobs

This should be fun!

Corn Cob Stock
I got this idea from Martha Steward and Emeril Lagasse

Corn stock tastes like sweet summer corn juice. 

The recipe is pretty simple
Corn cob + Water = Corn Stock 
- Freeze corn stock  and use it in soups and stews in the winter
- Replace meat based stocks with corn stock to make vegetarian recipes 
- Make corn ice cream or corn flavored dessert, cake, pies, cookies by replacing milk with corn stock

Corn Cob Stock
2-3 corn cobs or more

Place cobs in large pot
Add enough water to cover cobs
Bring to boil and reduce heat to low summer for 45 - 60 minutes
Carefully remove cobs and discard

Freeze stock in mason jars for up to a year
Refrigerate for up to a week 

Corn Cob Fire Starters
Yep that's right, set your cobs on fire! 

Soak cobs in kerosene for 2-3 minutes or not
Place them in wood burning stove, BBQ, fireplace, out in the woods, on a beach at a bond fire, wood heater
I think you get my drift 

Corn Cob Toilet Paper
Use as toilet paper when out in the woods
I know this sounds crazy but I found out a lot of people that live in farms swear by using corn cobs as toilet paper. Back in the olden days this was normal practice. Mice don't chew up cobs like the do toilet paper, and cobs are soft on your delicate spots. I'm pretty sure I will ever try this one, but I figured it was worth mentioning. 

Corn Cob pipe
Taking a que from Popeye a corn cob pipe looks cool and is easy to make

Check out this link!
I'm totally going to try this when I get home

That's all I have for you today!
Peace & Love

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