Raw Vegetable Recipes

Hi Friends,

I'm getting back to my normal routine and it feels great. Today I rode the spin bike, I can usually push out 20 miles in 60 minutes. I always like testing myself when I get back from a long trip to see if I lost any cardio endurance. I pushed out 21 miles, not bad at all. I've been staying on track with this week's nutrition challenge, chomping on raw vegetables but I want a little more. I found a few recipes to rev up my raw veggie challenge. All recipes were easy to make and absolutely delicious. 


Shaved Asparagus & Mint Salad
found at www.food52.com

1 bunch asparagus 
1 handfull toasted and crushed pistachios
1 tbs chopped mint
3 tbs freshly squeeze lemon juice
2 tbs sherry vinegar
1 tsp honey
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
pecorino cheese shavings

Use a vegetable peeler and shave asparagus lengthwise to create thin strips
Toss in pistachios and mint
Whisk together lemon juice, vinegar, honey, oilive oil
Pour over asparagus, mix well, add salt and pepper to taste
Top with Pecorion Cheese

Brown Butter Tomatoes
found at www.food52.com

2-3 large heirloomtomatoes 
1—2 tbs unsalted butter 
Flaky sea salt
Ground black pepper
**bread to soak up the extra butter

Core tomatoes and slice 1/3 inch thick 
Dived tomatoes onto 4 plates, overlaing slices 
Place butter in saucepan and warm to medium heat
Let butter melt completely, it will start to bubble
Let butter simmer, cooking off water until it begins to smell nutty and turn brown
Swirl pan every 30 seconds 
When butter turns the color of hazelnuts remove from heat
Ladel over tomatoes, season with salt and pepper
Tomaotes will sizzle
Serve immediately 

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad
found at www.food52.com

1/2 small red onion
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp honey
1 tsp whole grain mustard
Salt and pepper
1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
3 cups large brussel sprouts
1/2 cup grated pecorino romano cheese

Soak onion slices in small bowl of cold water for 15-20 minutes
In small bowl whisk lemon juice, honey, mustard, pinch of salt and pepper - whisk in olive oil until emulsifiers and set aside
Trim sprouts, slice off most of the hard root end
CAREFULLY use a mandolins, shave sprouts one at a time, WATCH THOSE FINGERS
When done shaving use fingers to separate leaves
Drain onions and toss gently with sprouts
Toss in dressing mixture
Sprinkle with pecorino cheese
Serve immediately

That's all today folks!
Peace & Love,

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