I'm Back

Hi Friends!

I'm finally back in Northern California!! I really enjoyed my trip and I'm so happy to finally be home. It's been a whirlwind off on adventure. If you have been following my blog these last couple of weeks you know how crazy it's been. Getting stuck in Costa Rica for 2 days, then heading to Baltimore which was fun, we had a 2 day beach excursion to Delaware. We never staid in one place for longer than a 3 days. 

I had a wonderful time with my boyfriend's family. I've been with my man for over 4 and a half years so I've spent a good amount of time with his fam. I'm happy to say we are all getting closer, learning more about one another, and creating lasting memories that I will cherrish forever. 

I've put most of my effort into getting his mother to like me. She is a strong Italian women who loves her son, cooks like a chef, and has a sharp sense of humor. I admire her strength, kindness, and I will admit I'm slightly intimidated by her. I know this trip brought us closer together. I'm grateful we were able to spend so much time together. Family is important to me, in the end that's all we have.

I spent a lot of time chomping on seafood these last few weeks, especially in Baltimore. Our last night in town we splurged and went to Thames Oyster House and devoured fresh seafood from the Atlantic. Raw oysters, clams, cooked crab claws, lobster claws, huge shrimp, seared swordfish and lobster ravioli found there way into my tummy. Can we say cheat week!!??

Yesterday we walked around Baltimore's Inner Harbor snapping pictures and enjoying a free concert. Have you ever heard of Panic At The Disco? They seem to have a large tween following, lots of teenage girls screaming and loosing there minds over handsome 20 something's. 

I had a few drinks to celebrate the end of our trip... Weirdly the plane ride felt relatively short. 

I plan on sleeping in over the next few days. Instead of hitting the gym hard I'm going to ease back into my workout by doing 10 days of Bikram. It will be great to relax, stretch, and detox my body. 

I'm happy to get back into my normal swing of things.

That's all folks!
Peace & Love,

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