Challenge Monday


Fitness Challenge

I challenge you to complete my new ab workout 5-6 days this week

Challenge Synopsis 
  • Forget crunches and sit-ups, lets add some fun to your ab workout
Why Why Why
  • Core muscles include lower back, hip flexors, hip rotators, glutes, as well as your lower, middle, and side obliques, these exercises target all of these areas
  • Abdominals attach to your spine and pelvis which helps balance and posture
  • 80% of Americans will complain of back pain within their lifetime, the best ways to prevent back pains is to strengthen your abdominal
  • Everyone wants a flat and tight midsection, these exercises will push you closer to your goals
  • Willpower
  • Water
  • A little extra time
  • A light kettle bell or dumbbell
  • Disciple
  • Strong body
  • Strong mind

Complete 5 sets, 12 reps of each exercise

Crab Walk
Targets: Triceps & Core

  • Position your body on all 4s, belly towards the sky
  • Brace your entire body as you simultaneously lift and touch your left foot to your right arm
  • Return back to starting position
  • Simultaneously lift and touch your right foot to your left arm
  • That's one rep

Turkish Get Up Prep
Targets: Entire Core, Shoulders

  • Laying on ground extend left arm straight up in the air, left leg bent, foot firmly on the ground, right left lifted 1-2 inches off the ground, right hand planted firmly on ground
  • Use your core strength to lift your chest off the ground until you are sitting up, make sure to keep arm raised above head
  • Make sure to keep right left lifted during entire exercise
  • That's one rep

Russian Twists
Targets: Entire core

  • Sit up with back straight, lean back as much as you can while still keeping your back straight
  • Raise feet 1-2 inches off ground and slightly bend your knees
  • Twist your body side to side reaching for the ground on each twist

Opposite Toe Touches
Targets: Entire core

  • Laying flat on ground, belly towards the sky
  • Lift right arm and left leg simultaneously connecting in the middle of body
  • Release to starting position
  • That's one rep
My Take
I'm obsessed with maintaining a flat stomach  all year. These exercises set my core on fire and produce fast results. What more do I need. 

Nutrition Challenge
Eat less Sugar

Challenge Synopsis
  • I challenge you to eat less sugar everyday this week
  • Cut down your sugar intake over the next 7 days

Why Why Why
  • Sugar is addictive, eating sugar activates the feel good chemical in your brain, making it close to impossible to resist cravings
  • Sugar pumps you full of energy, them sends you into a horrible crash leaving you fatigue
  • Eating excessive amounts of sugar can lead to heart disease, liver damage, stroke and risk to certain types of cancer
Sugar substitutes 
Agave nectar 

  • Read labels and avoid foods that are high in sugar
    • high - over 22.5g of total sugars per 100g
    • low - 5g of total sugar or less per 100g
  • Make fruit your dessert, opt out of sugar filled treats
  • Replace added sugar in coffee, ice tea and lemonade by adding honey, stevia, or agave nectar instead
  • Reduce the amount of sugar you use in recipes
  • Avoid candy for the next 7 days
  • Make your own salad dressings, common flavors and brands are high in sugar
  • Cut out soft drinks and juices that are high in sugar
My Take
Staying away from sugar is hard for most people. I enjoy reading labels, so I can usually keep my sugar count low. Can't wait to dive into this challenge. I wonder if I will go through any withdraws.

Self Improvement Challenge
Take the laugh path

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to laugh as much as possible this week, even if it's not funny, look for the humor in everything

Why Why Why 
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Laughter boosts the immune system
  • Laughter attracts others to you
  • Laughter can enhance teamwork
  • Laughter can improve the cardiovascular system
  • A good laugh can relive stress and physical tension, which relaxes your entire body
  • Laughing releases endorphins, endorphins make your feel good
  • A good sense of humor
  • Positive attitude
  • A few good jokes
  • Instead of flipping off the person who cut you off during your morning commute, or yelling at your sweetheart when they forget to put out the trash...
  • Laugh instead
  • Use laughter as a stress reliver this week
  • When your blood is about to boiling over try to laugh off that anger

My Take
Last weekend my boyfriend and I were staying in a hotel, he did something that pissed me off and he knew it. He looked me straight in the face and said "Take the Laugh Path!!" I couldn't help but to laugh and magically I wasn't mad anymore. We decided right then and there 'take the laugh path' would be this weeks self improvement challenge. Remember when all else fails...just laugh. 

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