The End of Detox Week

I'm in Costa Rica and having the time of my life, soaking up the sun and the local fare. Today is the end of detox week and I'm pretty happy with all of my results. I feel fresh, rejuvenated, and super charged. 

We went over detox baths, smoothies, teas, today we are looking at pre-made detox products that you can purchase at your local grocer.

Suja is an awesome product, the juices are specially designed to cleanse your entire body and give it an added natural boost. 
3 day Juice Cleanse
Glow - Green apple, cucumbers, celery, collards, spinach, kale, spearmint
Fuel - Carrot, apple, pineapple, orange, lemon, turmeric
Purify - Carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, beet
Fiji - Apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, collard greens, lemon, ginger
Green Supreme - Kale, green apple, lemon
Vanilla Cloud - Almond milk, coconut milk, vanilla bean, honey, filtered water

This product is based on solar nutrition. Solar nutritionist believes consuming foods certain times during the day enhances your health mentally, emotionally and physically
7 juices per day for 3 days straight
Sun Salutations, Tropic Powder, Citric Boost, Veggie Marius, Berry Merry, Green Clean, Funny Beets

You can get this detox/cleansing product at local pressed juicery cafes or by mail
They have a few different detox plans 
Go to there website and check it out

None of these products are cheap, that's why I usually always go the natural Do It Yourself route

That's it guys! You successfully made it through detox week. I hope you tried a few recipes and continue to try them throughout the year. 

That's all today folks
Enjoy your weekend!

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