Hikes through the Jungle

So much to say...yesterday was crazy fun! 

I started my day out with some yoga. I was the only person that showed up to the class, so I had a private yoga lesson. The teacher was awesome, she centered me and put me into a meditative trance before we started, the class lasted 1 hour - 15 minutes and I enjoyed every second of it. I felt rejuvenated, clam, and ready to face the day.

I joined my boyfriend for a traditional Costa Rica breakfast which included fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, black beans and rice, plantain, 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of mild cheese and 2 tortilla. I made a few breakfast tacos and carbo loaded for the long day that lay ahead of me.

We decided to take the 10 minute walk into town to go on a 20 minute hike through the jungle to 3 waterfalls. 

I've been on many hikes, but none of them in the jungle. Wow! What an experience. I felt like Tarzan swinging from vines, scaling rocks, while creating my own path. I even found myself a walking stick to assure I wouldn't fall.

We made it to the first 2 waterfalls the 3rd one was just too much for me to get to. It was breath taking, I've never been to a waterfall before and it didn't disappoint. Local residents were scaling rocks and pulling off the most impressive dives I've ever seen. The water was refreshingly cold, which was necessary after that 20 minute hike, the jungle is humid, every piece of clothing I had on was soaked with sweat. 

As soon as we exited the jungle I purchased fresh coconut water, from a street vendor, he used a machete to cut it open and handed it to me with a straw instructing me to eat the pulp when I was finished sucking the sweet coconut  juice. 

When we got back into town we showered and treated ourselves to a couple massage. The massage was in a tent in the jungle, but close enough to the beach that we could still hear the waves crashing. By the time our massages were done I felt like I was in another yoga induced trance. We headed to dinner, then off to bed.

I'm not too sure what's on the agenda tomorrow, but whatever it is, I will keep you posted.

Peace & Love

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