Challenge Monday

Challenge Monday

Fitness challenge
I challenge you to complete Inchworms everyday this week

Challenge Synopsis
  • Inchworms are great for a warming up your entire body 
  • I'm not going to lie inchworms are hard, but they strengthen your entire body, that's worth a little pain
Why Why Why 
  • Inchworms target arms, chest, core, shoulders, lengthens leg muscles, stretches glute muscles (butt muscles), stretches hamstrings, and works your calves
  • Inchworms are a functional movement that allows multiple muscles to work together while strengthening and challenging your entire body
  • You don't need any equipment for this exercise it's all about body weight
  • Will power
  • Water
  • A little extra time
  • Disciple
  • Strong body
  • Strong mind

Complete 12 reps everyday this week

Stand with feet slightly apart
Tighten your core, bending at the hips lower your upper body towards the floor

Place palms on ground in front of your feet and walk your hands away from your body until your heels raise and body is in a plank position, 

Hold in this position for 1-2 seconds

Keep body tight as you walk your feet towards your hands until you are back in a forward bend position 

That's one rep
To ramp up this exercise complete a push up when in plank position and a squat at the end of each rep

**Inchworm tips:
  • Focus on slow and controlled movements 
  • Try to keep you spine flat and your head-neck aligned during the entire exercise

My Take
I've been doing inchworms for the last few years, it gets my heart pumping while challenging my core. I like to use these bad boys to warm up my body, getting me ready for my killer workouts. After the first few inchworms I usually get pissed off and mad at myself because they are soooo hard, but well worth it. Try them out and tell me what you think.

Nutrition Challenge 
Eat more exotic fruit

Challenge Synopsis
  • I challenge you to eat more exotic fruit this week
  • Apples, bananas, and oranges don't count,
  • I'm talking about papaya, mangos, dragon fruit, goji berries, really anything tropical you can get your hands on 
Why why why 
Exotic/tropical fruit can be hard to find and costly, but the healthy benefits are worth the trouble
  • Scientists believe antioxidants in some tropics fruit can kill cancer cells
  • Avocados, mangos, papaya, and tropical berries are rich in Vitamins and nutrients and can prevent common birth defects
  • Coconut juice (the water from a fresh coconut) has the same electrolytic balance as human blood
  • To get the full benefits of these excotic fruits consume whole, nautral, organic, fruits. Not excotic infused fruit drinks, supplements, dried, concentrated, or chemical enhanced versions
Any exotic fruit you can get your hands on 

It's pretty simple - EAT MORE EXOTIC / TROPICAL FRUIT  

My Take 
I finally made it to Costa Rica and it's breathtakingly beautiful, more then I could have ever imagined. There are a few things that will guarantee my return to this Central American Paradise. Number one the fresh produce!

There are vegan, vegetarian, and seafood options everywhere. Yesterday I was out shoping in the town of Jaco when I stumbled upon a modernly decorated  restaurant with white walls and natural wood tables. I walked by the restaurant and didn't get 10 feet without deciding to turn around and look at their menu. I couldn't believe it was a naturally substainable vegan restaurant, that had some of the best fruit I've ever tasted. Mangos, papayas, star fruit, even the bananas tasted tropical, full of flavor and sinfully sweet. I had to inspire all of you to add more tropical/exotic fruit into your diet this week. I'm already full steam ahead on this challenge. 

Self Improvement challenge 

Challenge Synopsis
  • This week I'm challenge you to really relax, take 15-30 minutes to yourself, turn off the tv, iPad, phone, and xbox
  • Dim the lights focus in your breath, try to clear your mind and truly relax.

Why Why Why
The benefits of actually disconnecting and relaxing has incredible and slightly unbelievable benefits
Deep relaxtion can:
  • Relieve stress
  • Relieve mental tension
  • Strengthen immune system 
  • Stimulate the body's natural healthily abilities
  • Can widen restricted respiratory passages
  • Can reduce the need for insulin in diabetics
  • Can ward off disease
  • Can lower Blood Pressure and Cholestrol levels
  • Can stimulate and improve the cardiovascular system
  • Can relieve chronic pain 
A little extra time

  • Carve out some extra time
  • *I suggest putting everyone to bed including your significant other
  • Find a comfy spot on the couch, bed, or floor
  • Dim the lights
  • Close your eyes and try to empty your mind by focusing on your breathing
  • Set an alarm to make sure you don't fall asleep
  • Stay like that for the next 15-30 minutes depending on your schedule 
  • *deep relaxation has life improving effects. Not watching tv "relaxing" or Instagram "relaxing" your brain and body  needs time to rest and recharge.

My take
I'm building a business on social media and it's very time consuming. Every second of my day is spent reading other blogs, researching for upcoming blog posts, instagraming, updating my website and social media profile. A lot of times my relaxing includes Instagram, but that's not really disconnecting. Ever since the tv challenge I was tv 75% less then I used to. Being in Costa Rica has inspired me to completely disconnect from everything and everyone while try to reconnect with my mind, body, and soul. This challenge is perfect for me this week. Besides all that: FRANKIE SAYS RELAX. 

peace and love friend!

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