Famous Vegans & Vegan Recipes

Hi Friends,
This has been an emotional week for me, I promised yummy vegan recipes and always try to keep my word.

I didn't have time to make these recipes but they look absolutely divine. I hope to try a few of these out after my vacation.

Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas
Vegan Tabbouleh
Spicy Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu with Sriracha
Vegan Peanut Stew
Long Beans with Tofu, Potatoes, and Pepper
Vegan Pot Pie

Now that we have all the recipes out of the way, I figured it would be fun to look up a few famous vegans. The list is pretty impressive and surprising. 
Famous Vegans

Bill Clinton
Age: 68
After suffering his fair share of healthy scares he changed his eating habits and lost over 20 pound. Mr Clinton admits to sneaking a piece of meat every now and then

Ellen Degeneres
Age: 56
After watching Earthlings, Ellen stopped eating all meat and meat by products. She served only vegan food at her wedding, is planning on opening a vegan restaurant, and maintains a vegan blog on her Day Time TV show website.

Alanis Morissette
Age: 40
Alanis changed her life after reading the book Eat to Live, she say she has no more aches and pains since the lifestyle change


Age: 40

SteveO refused to risk his health by consuming animal or any animal by product. That sounds a little strange when you look at his body of work. 

Ozzy Osbourne
Age: 65
Ozzy switched to a vegan diet after watching the documentary Forks over Knife
This Metal Rock God used to digest bats

Joaquin Phoenix
Age: 40
Joaquin's life was changed forever after a fishing trip where he felt remorse and empathy for the animal. He also narrated the documentary Earthlings 

Alicia Silverstone
Age: 38
Alicia created a vegan empire and wrote a vegan cook book called The Kind Life

Russel Simmons
Age: 57
Yoga taught Russel the importance of a "non violent" lifestyle. He decided his had to stop contributing to animal suffering and consumption

Is it me or does everyone look great for their ages? I found current pictures of these famous folks, vegans age well.

That's all today folks!


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