Challenge Monday

Fitness challenge
I challenge you to complete my 
360 plank exercise everyday this week

Challenge Synopsis

  • Planks are hard and they target your entire body 
  • You will complete planks, side plans, and kneeling planks in this one simple exercise
Why Why Why Why

  • Planks strengths shoulders, chest, abdominals, glutes, quads, and endurance, it pretty much targets your entire body
  • Planks keep my stomach tight and flat, need I say more?

  • Will power
  • Water
  • A little extra time
  • Disciple
  • Strong body
  • Strong mind
Complete my 360 planks 
5 times a day everyday this week
Start on elbow or hands positioned directly under your shoulders, balancing on your toes shoulder width apart,
Hold in plank position for 10 seconds
Rotate to the left, lifting your left hand towards the sky stacking your feet, 
Once you find your balance hold side plank for 10 seconds
Rotate to the right, lifting your right hand towards the sky stacking your feet
Once you find your balance hold side plank for 10 seconds

Bring arms down, make sure they are still under your shoulders
Bring both knees in and out, complete 10 reps
Hold in plank positon for 10 seconds

My take
I love planks and being this close to my beach vacation I'm pulling out the big guns. I've been doing this plank exercise for the past year and it works. What else is there to say about this awesome results driven exercise. 

Nutrition Challenge
It's detox week

Challenge Synopsis

  • I challenge you to participate in my detox week
  • I'm leaving for Costa Rica in a few days and I'm ready to knock out the extra toxins inside my body
  • I want to glow from the inside and out 
  • There will be no crazy sickly detoxes on this blog, I'm not going to starve you or put your health in danger
  • We are going to naturally detox our bodies slowly and safely 
Why why why

  • Why detox
    • Long night
    • Long week
    • Jump start for diet 
    • Realign your body, mind, and spirit
    • Getting your body ready for the beach 
    • Improve skin, hair, and nails
  • Detoxing can boost your energy, rid the body of excess waste, strengthen your immune system, and help jump start weight loss

  • Detox recipes - I will be featuring recipes on this blog all week
  • On open mind
  • Willpower and disciple 

  • Different ways to naturally detox
    • Smoothies
    • Drinks
    • Baths
    • Tea
My take
I like the idea of detoxing my body, but detox has become a four letter word in the healthy and wellness community. There are too many dangerous detoxes to count. Good thing I won't be featuring any of those on this blog. We are going to naturally detox our bodies over the next 7 days. Are you with me?

Self Improvement Challenge 
I challenge you to create a new, positive, habit

Challenge Synopsis

  • We all have habits, good ones, bad ones, and terrible ones
  • This week I challenge you to create a new positive habit, one that will help you become a better person

Why Why Why

  • Most successful people have successful habits, they create and maintain religiously, like exercising everyday, or eating healthy
  • Self improvement doesn't come over night, you must adopt disciple to improve your life
  • Habits = disciple = success


  • Open mind
  • Patience
  • 21 days

  • Scientific research proves it takes 21 days to change a habit
  • Write down a few "good" habits you would like to adopt
    • For example:
      • Drinking 3-4 cups of water a day
      • Eating fruit and vegetables daily
      • Getting up early
      • Exercising daily
      • Cooking 
      • Saving money
      • Positive thinking
  • Take it one day at a time and slowly change your current routine to reflect your desired outcome and stick with it for at least 21 days

My Take
I had a horrible habit of eating at McDonald's everyday. The drive thru was on my way home from work, and I love french fries, enough said. When I made the decision to change my life and become healthier I knew I was going to have to cut back on my McDonalds visits. Since I was going 7 days a week I challenged myself to indulge only 5 days a week, once I was used to that I went down to 3 days a week, then 1 day a week. It took about a month for 0 days to actually kick in and I hated it, it was hard, I actually cried when I passed McDonald's for the frist few weeks. It took a while but I successfully changed my McDonald's habit, and I haven't been to through a drive thru in over 6 years. It was hard, but it helped me become a better person. Take this challenge seriously and change something in your life for the better.

That's all today folks!


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My name is Mary! I was obese for most of my life, around 7 years ago I decided to take control of my life and successfully lost over 150 pounds. But that's just the beginning of my journey. Join me as I evolve into the person I was born to become. I love to cook, craft, read, and make people smile. I'm happy you've stumbled on by. Let’s Evolve Together.

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