Cauliflower Fried Rice

This week I'm making you get creative with cauliflower. The health benefits of Cauliflower are quite amazing, and on top of all that good stuff, cauliflower is delicious, versatile, and simple to prepare.

I've been with my awesome boyfriend for 4 years and 9 months and we both enjoy healthy cooking and eating. His Mother is a wonderful, health conscious cooker and she always shares her recipes with me. A few months ago she was raving about a cauliflower pizza she made. The recipe seemed easy enough, so I tried it the next night and my view of cauliflower was changed forever! My pizza was mouthwatering, delicious, and healthy. 

I have to avoid pretty much all bread because it bloats me. I also avoid rice, pizza, pancakes, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Today we are making Cauliflower Fried Rice the recipe is quick, easy and oh so yummy. 


Cauliflower Fried Rice

2 tbs sesame seed oil 
1/4 cup of low sodium soy sauce
1 med sized cauliflower, grated 
1 carrot julienned cut (cut into thin strips)
1/2 cup frozen peas
2 eggs (omit if you are vegan)
4 slices veggie bacon (morning star brand is my favorite)
2-3 small mushrooms, thinly sliced
2 small shallots finely chopped
2-3 green onions thinly chopped
Salt and pepper to taste 

Grate Cauliflower 
Prep all vegetables 

Cut fake bacon into thin strips
Cook according to directions, using 1 tbsp sesame seed oil
Make sure not to burn bacon
Once bacon is cooked, remove from pan 

Sauté shallots in same pan you cooked the bacon in
Adding additional tbsp sesame oil 
Cook until soft, about 2-4 minutes

Add carrots and mushrooms cook until slightly tender, 4-5 minutes 

Add grated cauliflower, peas, & soy sauce, cook mixture for 10-15 minutes stirring frequently until Cauliflower is tender but not over cooked

In small bowl whisk 2 eggs and cook in separate pan. 
I like to cook the eggs like I'm making an omelet, letting the egg spread in pan and cook evenly, flipping the egg when necessary 

Add egg to cauliflower mixture loosely chopping and mixing it into the rice 

It's done once all flavors are combined and cauliflower is slightly browned. 

*do not over cook, cauliflower can get mushy 

This is an Evolve with Mary original recipe! 

That's all today folks!


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