Cardio, Unpacking, DIY, and Abdominals

Good Morning Friends

I'm super tired today, but i'm not sure why. I went to bed at 11pm, I usually get to bed sometime after 12am, but sometimes more sleep doesn't equal rested for me. 

Today should be easy enough. I have to meet with my old landlord to return a few things, and pick a things I left behind. He hasn't mentioned my security deposit, so today is the day I ask him about it, then off to the gym to do some cardio for an hour and a half. After all that torture, back to the house to finally finish unpacking. Everything is in its place, except all of my clothes. That's what I get to tackle today.

Do It Yourself, creative jewelry holders

I'm going to try to create a few of these, I have so much jewelry, and no where to put it. 

It's also time to find a new abdominal routine, that keeps my stomach tight, taunt, and flat. My tummy has been looking great these past few weeks. I'm getting used to my current ab workout, but I'm also scared to start something new, and not get the same resutls. I'm sure i'll find the correct combination of exercises, but i'm always extra cautions when it comes to my  mid-section. 

I love this poster, its just what I needed.  

Time to get going. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day


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