Back to the grind

What a trip. I enjoyed myself, and I'm still feeling it. My voice is gone, last night was the first night since Thursday that I got a good night sleep.

I loved Caribana, can't even find enough words to express it. We are defiantly going back next year.

All of my hard work paid off. My 2-3 hour workouts 5-6 days a week, allowed me to wear whatever I wanted. No stomach, no giggly thighs, no extra flab, I was tight and taunt just like I wanted. I got to wear my comic book dress again; it was a hit with all the men and some of the women. Everyone else just stared at me and gave me dirty looks, which means I'm was doing something right. A lady walked up to me and asked me how I had the audacity to wear a black and white dress, since it was a white party, I just laughed in her face, I love haters.


We attended the actual parade on Saturday, which was inspiring, and exhausting at the same time. I found myself dancing on fences, shaking my booty, taking pictures with a lot of people, and "getting it in." It couldn't have gone better. I flirted myself, and 4 of my friends, into the parade, and spent most of my time dancing with strangers and posing for pictures. Next year I plan on purchasing a custom and really participating in the parade, instead of sneaking and dancing.

After the parade my sister and I hit up the Def jam party, which also happened LeBron James Bachelors party. I didn't find that out until today. I had a great time dancing,  singing, and meeting people from all over the world.

The last two days have been a blur to me. I took us 12 hours to get back to Baltimore, once in Baltimore we then drove another hour to my Dads house in Maryland. Since it was our last few hours my sister and I decided to stay up and hangout with our dad. Finally I crawled into bed at 1pm only to get up at 3:30pm to get ready for my 8pm flight. With one layover in Phoenix I finally made it home, but my adventures wasn't over yet.

I had no ride from the airport, I jumped in a cab and around $75 later I was at home exhausted but pretty happy with the way everything turned out.

To bad I can't sleep all day. I only have 5 days to move all of our belongings into our new house.

Back to reality

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