Happy Calorie Counting Thursday!!!

Hello All!

We all have just one more day until the weekend! That's a reason to celebrate.

Everyone knows about my quest to have a 6 pack by summer. I've been working very hard by keeping a clean diet, exercising 4-5 days a week, and educating myself on exactly what my body really needs. I've been eating salmon, oatmeal with flaxseeds and blueberries for breakfast. I make sure to eat at least 2-3 snacks a day, and I cut down on going out to eat. With all these changes I want to assure myself that I am going to see results sooner rather then later.

While doing some daily research a ran across a list of foods that can bloat you. I was very surprised and dissapointed that I was eating 5 out of the 10 foods that should avoid, if your trying to obtain a tight midsection.

After being dissapointed for a few minutes I snapped out of it and tweaked my diet even more to make sure I'm not working against myslef.

I wanted to share the list with all of you because knowledge is power.

What you decide to do with the list is up to you. But it never hurts to be fully informed.

Here we go:

10 Foods that Can Bloat You
4/2/13, by Michele Foley, Pop Sugar

Artificial Sweeteners
Sugar Alcohol is the enemy. It is found in diet soda, sugar free candy, and artificial
sweeteners. Sugar Alcohol is hard to digest for a lot of people, and it can lead to discomfort
and boating.

Junk Food
Junk Food + Fast Food = Slow Digestion

Alcohol contains sulfur gases which weakens the digestive system and bloats your entire body.
*cut out alcohol for 14 days prior to an special day or event.

Beans are great for you, but they also contain stachyose and raffinose, a type of sugar that is
not digestible by the body. "When sugar hits the large intestine, bacteria try's to break it down,
the gas is produced as a by-product. Gas bloats you."

Certain Raw Vegetables
Cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and broccoli all contain a sugar that is broken down in
the body by a methane producing bacteria. This results in a bloated belly. Try to eat these
vegetables cooked to release some of the sugars.

Salty Foods
Over 2300mg of sodium cause you to retain water

Dairy can lead to gas and bloating.
* Eliminate Dairy 1-2 weeks prior to a big day or event
* Greek yogurt is the only exception

Gluten causes bloating, cramps, and gas.
* Eliminate Gluten 1-2 weeks prior to a big day or event

Chewing Gum
Gum contains sugar alcohol (mentioned earlier) which bloats you, while chewing gum you also
swallow air more often that goes straight to your belly.
* Choose a mint instead

Carbonated Beverages
"If it has bubbles, put it down"
Bubbles give fizz to drinks and it does the same to your body. By consuming carbon dioxide
you can feel gassy and bloated at the same time.

That's the list. I found it to be very informative. I love soda water, gum, raw veggies, gluten and beans. I am not cutting these food completely out of my diet, but I feel more prepared now that I'm better informed. I will watch my intake but sometimes a girl just needs a piece of gum.

Enjoy your day today!

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