My Trip to Good Ole' New Orleans

Hi Friends
Oh man, did I have a great time in New Orleans! The wedding was incredible. From an elegant ceremony held in on opulent museum to the second line parade dancing our way through the gritty streets of New Orleans. Everyone was dressed to the 9s in tuxes and long flattering gowns. The boyfriend cleans up REAL nice, he looked devilishly handsome in his 3 piece Navy Blue Tuxedo. I used Rent the Runway again, sadly I wasn’t blown away with my dress this time around. I rented 2 dresses, both royal blue, one had 2 splits and one was lacy. I wanted to wear the one with the splits, but the fabric had no give, and they didn’t cut it for a girl with serious hips like me. Good thing I had a backup. The bride was STUNNING in Vera Wang and the groom handsome as ever. I’m always honored when I’m invited as a guest to a wedding. Witnessing and sharing in someones love is freaking amazing. I’ll never forget the day Taft and Marisa got hitched. #classyandsassy
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The dress I wanted to wear, it was so tight 

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The dress I wore, I guess I look just as good
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On our way to the wedding acting like our silly selves
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Had to snap a selfie
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Bride and Groom leading the Second Line Parade

I took my time on Sunday and ate my way around the city. I had fried oysters, raw oysters, seafood gumbo, crawfish étouffée, tons of perfectly cooked fish, and my fair share of cornbread. Needless to say I am a very happy woman. I started almost every morning off with a bloody Mary which was a good base for all of my greasy meals and long nights. I did some shopping and found a vintage flight suit that actually says Top Gun on it! I figure I can wear it around the house and on Halloween. It was only 20 bucks so even one wear would justify the cost. #cheatday

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Food Food Food Food Food Food Food Food Food
did I say Food?
Everyone other than my boyfriend and I seem to be concerned about our marriage plans. I realize we have been together for 5+ years, I realize  most women would be tearing their hair out waiting for a ring, I realize you shouldn’t give the milk away for free but I also realize I am my own person and I’m not ready to say I do to anyone other than my career at the present time. It is a little strange when people who meet after us are already starting their lives together and planing for families, to each their own. I have a lot of goals to accomplish and being a wife isn’t one of them. When I’m ready I’ll be ready. I know my other half isn’t ready and its a relief. I just don’t need that added pressure. Sure, I’m a woman, of course I would love a huge ring, my little heart flutters when I see babies, but none of that means I’m willing to compromise myself or jump into something I’m just not ready for. I know I want to be with my man for the rest of my life, with or without a ring, contract or huge expensive party. #noweddingforme
I promised some NOLA pics, here they are:
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Sunday night on Bourbon Street, there's nothing like it 
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Beads anyone?
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Blessings flowing
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Mr. Armstrong 

Last but not least I ran 2 miles. It may sound small but I’m not a runner, I get shooting pains in my knees when I do certain exercises, for years I figured running was out of the question. Before I die I would like to run a marathon and since I’m not getting any younger I need to start training my body to run. Surprisingly I loved it, i wasn’t panting for air, I didn’t feel like I needed to rest, granted I was running 15 minute miles but a girl has to start somewhere. The tough mudder is a total of 15 miles and I would like to run most of it. I can’t wait to start running outside this week. I need to find a mile tracker so I can start documenting my time, improvement and training. Does anyone have any beginner running tips to share? #runbabyrun
Ok that’s really it!
Peace & Love,

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