Happy Mother's Day!


I celebrated Mother's Day by hanging out with my Mother all day yesterday. She came over around 12:30pm and we snacked on some goodies from my local farmers market. 

I whipped together this delicious Pomegranate Punch. I Purchased freshly cold press extracted pomegranate juice at the farmers market for $10 a pint. It was expensive, but it's Mother's Day so I decided to splurge.

Pomegranate Punch

1 pint Freshly Cold Press Extracted Pomegranate Juice
1/2 cup Fresh Pomegranate Seeds
3 cups Soda Water
2 cups Filtered Water
3 tbs Agave Nectar

Mix together and enjoy!

My Mom loved her Pomegranate Punch and she couldn't believe whipped it up so fast. 

The table also featured:
Blood Oranges
Low Fat Vanilla yogurt
Thinly Sliced Almonds

It was the perfect snack. She really enjoy the beautiful presentation, her eyes beamed with pride the entire time. 

My Mother supports this blog 100% but I tried to make sure she didn't see any posts from last week so she would be surprised when it came time to open and go through her Relaxation Basket.  

I was unsuccessful, she knew exactly what she was getting and she couldn't wait to hold all of her goodies in her hot little hands. As honored as I am that she keeps up with my blog, I was slightly disappointed that I didn't surprise her. It reminded me of the good old days, it's always been hard to pull a fast one over on Super Mom, she's just that good. 

I added a few extra goodies to her relaxation basket. 
I made the abstract drawing sitting behind the basket, My Mother loves Ciroc Vodka so I added some little bottles for her to enjoy, a heart shaped snow blog personalized with a fun picture of my Mother and I together, I toped of the basket with a lavender scented votive candle.

The rest of the day was spent eating dim sum, garlic crab, and pasta while reminiscing about good times from our past. My boyfriend even tagged along helping us snack and driving us around all day. We sent her home full of food and love around 9pm. 

Yesterday was a great day. I try to make my Mother feel special and appreciated throughout the year, but Mother's Day is always special to me. 

Happy Mother's Day Friends


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