DIY Bottle Cap Picture Magnets

Hi Friends, 

Today we are tackling Bottle Cap Picture Magnets. 

I originally set out to create plastic pendents with personalized pictures, but I couldn't find any round plastic pendents. I was frustrated and ready to give up and move on to the next project when I saw bottle caps. If I was in a cartoon a light bulb would have appeared above my head as soon as I saw them. 

Why not create bottle cap picture magnets instead. The bottle caps were only $3.99, I picked out some serious jewelry glue to make sure the pictures would stick and the glue would dry clear. 

Then I ran down an employee to help me find a circular cutter. I knew this was the only missing piece to really knocking this DIY craft out of the park. I was not willing nor did I think I would succeed in cutting perfect circles. After about 5 minutes we decided on a 1 inch-2.54cm circular hole punch made by Recollections.

My next stop was Kinko's. I needed to print out some pictures that would fit in my bottle cap frames. I found that wallet sized pictures worked perfectly. 

The project came out divine. I gave a few of these magnets to my boyfriends Mother, with pictures of her new Grandson in it and she loved it. I think this present will make any ones heart melt. 

Enjoy this quick, easy, and cheap project

Bottle Cap Picture Magnets

You need:
Bottle Caps - $3.99 Michael's
Wallet Size photos - $10.00 Kinko's
E600 Jewelry and Bead glue - $4.99 Michael's
Magnet strip, with adhesive on one side - $6.99 local hardware store
1in-2.54cm hole punch *mine was made by Recollections - $10.99 Michael's

Take your bottle caps out and arrange them cap side up

Use your hole punch to cut out faces on your wallet side photos

Squirt a little glue in the middle of your bottle cap 
Gently slide your picture into the bottle cap

Cut circles out of your magnet strip

Peel off adhesive paper and stick magnet circle to the back of your bottle cap

You're done!!!!

This project took me about 30 minutes in total. The hardest part was cutting the magnet strip, and it wasn't hard at all. The fun part is cutting out the pictures with your over-sized hole punch. 

I love crafting and I hope that some of my recent projects have inspired you to Do It Yourself

Blessings Friends, 

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