Challenge Monday


Fitness  Challenge

I challenge you to complete this interval cardio routine 5 days this week

Challenge synopsis 

- Complete Cardio Interval Routine 4 times this week 

- Complete each exercise for 60 seconds 2xs each

- Rest after you complete the entire routine, then repeat 

- Try to keep up a steady pace while completing the routine

- Rest when you need to, and always go before your ready 

- If any exercise is too strenuous, try a low impact version of the exercise (email me if you need a low impact version)

- Push Push Push

Why why why

-"Short, super intense bursts of cardio with long periods of rest can enhance your spend endurance." Men's Health September 2013 

-"Very intense intervals boost aerobic power and train your body to recruit more muscle" says study author Chris Lorenzen PH.D"

-Because they work! I'm your proof

Stop watch 

**complete each exercise for 60 seconds, march in place for  20 second between each exercise
6 exercises, 2 times each
60 seconds of Jumping Jac

March in place for 20 seconds to 
let your heart rate come down... only march for 20 seconds

60 seconds of Speed Skaters

March in place for 20 seconds and let your heart rate come down... only march for 20 seconds

60 seconds of  Side Jumps

March in place for 20 seconds (only 20 seconds) 

60 seconds of Burpees

March in place of 20 seconds (only 20 seconds)
60 seconds of Pendulum Swing

March in place for 20 seconds
60 seconds of High Knees

March in place for 60 seconds or until your heart rate come down

My Take

This cardio interval routine is just as challenging as last weeks. Make sure you march in place between each exercise while recovering, its called active recovery and it a great fat burning technique. 

I did this cardio interval routine for 6 months before I moved on to another one. The fact that its quick, you don't need any equipment and your heart rate sky rocks makes it a win win. The rountine only takes 17 minutes!!! Depending on how hard you push yourself, you can burn up to 600 calories, all in the comfort of your home. It challenging, but the results are worth all the pain

Nutrition challenge

I challenge you to cut all fried foods out of your diet this week

Challenge Synopsis
- Avoid all fried food this week, if you don't eat fried foods, jump to next weeks challenge and avoid all processed foods ie chips, packaged foods, frozen foods, etc

Why Why Why
- Fried Foods clogs arteries and can lead to strokes and heart attack

- Clogged veins and artires cause heart attacks and aneurysms. Aneurysms is an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery due to weakness in the wall of the artery

- Most fried foods contain MSG (toxic salts) to enhance "dead food" flavor

- Fried means "inflammatory" these foods can create problems with your joints

- Empty calories are a void of nutrients, sothe body keeps searching for anything of nutritional value and the "full" feeling wears off faster

-Your body just doesn't like it...TRUST ME!

- Willpower & Discipline
-Do not consume any fried foods for the next 7 day

-Find healthier alternatives instead

-Oven friend foods are ok 

My Take
I love fried foods just as much as the next person, probally more then the next person. I grew up in a house where fried was a good word. 

Now that I'm in my 30s and trying to stay in shape I only endulge in fried foods on special occasions. I actually find them unsatisfying compaired to my normal diet. If I do go on a fried food binge I try to only eat a few pieces, and then I overcompensate by eating a lot of raw vegetables. Physically and mentally it makes me feel better about indulging. 

Lets try to get fried foods all the way out of our diets. It sounds impossible, but its not, we will take it one week at a time

Self-Help Challenge 

I challenge you to write out To-Do Lists everyday this week

Challenge Synopsis

-Create To-Do Lists everyday this week

-Once you do something cross it off your list and feel proud of yourself, maybe even pat yourself on the back

-Make sure to check your list throughout the day to make sure your staying on track 

Why Why Why 

- To do lists help prioritize your time, stay orgainzed, and on track 

- Quick and effortless way to get into the habit of time management

- Allows you to plan, monitor, and execute your daily tasks and household chores more effectively

- Helps identify the demands placed on you and proactively manage and reduce stress

- Enables you to schedule activites night all day while staying alert on how efficient and effective you are at completing set tasks


- Old fashion pen and paper
- To Do app
- cool to do list printsables found online


Start your day with to-do lists with silly simiple everyday tasks like: drink water, call my Mother, pay phone bill, Spend time with Lover, Email best friend, Eat 2 pieces of fruit

My  Take 
I grew up with a Father that makes to-do lists all the time, he always shared the imporantace of writing things down and the joy of crossing stuff off of your list. I use these lists are work, home, and even when I'm out with friends. I find they keep me on track and force me to do things usually try to avoid. There is nothing better then the feeling of completions when I complete my entire to-do list.

Thats it today friends,
I'm in Miami until Wednesday. I'm having a great time soaking up the sun and working on my tan and showing off my bikini body. I will be posting pictures all week long. 

Blessings  Friends

Men's  Health September 2013, journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Disa Hatfield, Ph.D, Chris Lore
S.D. Wells
Celestine Chua
Zubair Ahmed 

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