Pizza, Movies, and Injuries


My spirits are a little down today, but that happens to everyone. I’m sure I’ll be my happy quirky self by the end of this posting. 

 Squat Challenge Day 28, 6/10/13 (Rest)
Ab Challenge Day 28, completed on 6/10/13

I have a few things to discus today.


I ate a huge piece of deep-dish Chicago style pizza from a place called Capos at 11:30pm. OMG it was so good!!! It was post sex, so I feel like I burned a few calories, but not enough to compensate for a entire piece of pizza. I was scared to look at my stomach this morning, but believe it or not, it was flatter then ever. Thank GOD for that ab challenge. I don’t plan on eating that many calories at night, but it is great to know that all my hard work counts for something. I can cheat every now and again and still be ok.

Behind the Candelabra

Movie Review

Check out the movie Trailer

It’s Gay Pride Month!!!
I went to college in San Francisco, and my favorite hangout spots where always in the Castro, the gay part of SF. I have had some of the best nights of my life dancing with drag queens. My parents taught me to love and respect everyone, and not judge them for their quirks or choices, and that what I do.

I knew the name Liberace, but I never really knew who he was. I knew he was a performer that was over the top and that’s about all. This weekend I watched Behind the Candelabra. OMG I truly enjoyed the movie. It is an HBO Original movie, Michael Douglas plays Liberace, and Matt Damon plays his boyfriend, who was 47 years younger then Liberace. Have you ever watched a movie that sticks with you for a few days? Well this one did. I think it was the fact that the movie truly pushes the envelope. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon’s sex sense were erotic, and Matt Damon prancing around a Vegas mansion in a g-string is pretty unforgettable.

After enjoying the movie, and ranting about it to my friends, I found out that the movie is doing so well its been picked up all over the world. I’m happy it's finding so much success. Its very powerful, we needed a movie with true Hollywood royalty depicting alternative life styles, because that’s what’s happening in the world right now. Even if you don’t like the movie or agree with the subject matter Behind the Candelabra is a step in the right direction.

Injury for me

Yesterday I was ready to work out hard. I had a death in my family Friday and I wasn’t able to push myself to finish my full workout routine. I figured, I would make it up on Monday, and I was ready for a long, hard, sweat filled, workout. While doing my cardio interval training I started getting shooting pains in my right calf. I’ve felt this pain before and usually I ignore it, but I’ve been a lot more injury conscious lately. I tried to rub out the pain, and figured it was from all the jumping up and down, or I had not properly stretched and warmed up my body for intense cardio. I decided to stop the intervals and move straight into Kettle Bell Training. With each move I felt shooting pains in my right calf. Finally, I decided to stop. It was a rest day on the squat challenge, and my calf wasn’t bothered by my abdominal challenge exercises. When I was done working out I showered and messaged my calf, placing a warm compress on the effected area.  I told my boyfriend about my injury and he suggested I strength my calves and ankles. His suggestion made totally since. I fell out of the car 2 weeks ago; the weird thing was, my ankle just went out on me. I didn’t trip or stumble, my ankle just collapsed and next then I knew I was on the ground.

As much as I hate listening to my man I think he is right. I don’t do any calf or ankle strengthen exercises. With heavy lifting, intense cardio, and excessive squatting I need solid sturdy lower leg strength.

I’m sure I’ll share some of my research on calf and ankle strengthening exercises with all of you. For now, I’m going to stretch before I do anything, and hopefully I can avoid any more shooting pains.

That’s it for me.
Hope you all have a great day great day.

If you don’t respect yourself nobody will respect you.
                                                                                    -Ms Mary

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