Late night drinking

Today is the First day of the Rest of your life… Make it count

Hello all
Today is Monday and I can feel it. 

Squat Challenge Day 19, 5/31/13 (155 Squats)
Squat Challenge Day 20, 6/1/13 (0 Squats)
Squat Challenge Day 21, 6/2/13 (160 Squats)
Ab Challenge Day 18 completed on 5/31/13
Ab Challenge Day 20, completed on 6/1/13
Ab Challenge Day 21, completed on 6/2/13

I’ve been super busy this week getting everything together to take the next step in my journey. I believe I’ve shared with all of you my goals of becoming a motivational speaker. Since you can’t become one overnight I’ve been putting in the ground work, getting my speech together, and finding different places and organizations to speak at. I’m also working on my website, organizing a few boot camp and studying for my Life Coaching Certification. It’s been a lot of work, but, it’s work to make myself better, not the kind of work that helps someone or something else reach their goals. Right now my work life is purely selfish and I plan on keeping it that way until I build a successful business.

With business on my mind, I’ve also been looking for ways to relax. When you work hard you should also play hard, and since I don’t drink, or party that much I decided to start a challenging puzzle my mother gave me for Christmas. I love hard puzzles, they relax my over charged brain, and bring me joy.

 What are some of the activities that allow you to relax?

I want to learn how to knit, I used to needle point, and I know the basics of crocheting. Some people tell me I’m an old woman, but in my mind old women have a lot of fun, so I’m not insulted.

Today I want to talk about late night drinking.

My boyfriend has inspired today topic. He is getting to the age where he can’t eat anything and everything anymore. He has to watch what he eats, and how much he consumes. Living with me isn’t a walk in the park, I’m very health conscious, and I’m always spouting out facts about calorie counts and fat grams. Luckily, my man is also very health conscious, but he doesn’t want to amend his eating habits yet.

A few months ago he express his dislike in his stomach. I told him late night snacking is the enemy. I usually despise him at night; around 11pm he gets hungry for 4th meal and starts tearing through the kitchen looking for something to munch on, while i look on with jealousy in my eyes. I don’t keep any junk food in the house, so he’s usually stuck with string cheese, fruit, and raw vegetables. He also likes to snack on breakfast protein bars, and peanut butter. When I explain what late night snacking does to your metabolism, he got the point and curbed his cravings by drinking water and Gatorade. This worked well for a while. 2 weeks ago I noticed that old habit popping up again. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I decided not to say anything, but yesterday I just couldn’t bite my tongue any longer. I told him if he doesn’t watch his snacking he is going to gain weight again, but this snacking is different.

My boyfriend is in love with drinks. He will drink more then his share of odwala chocolate protein, raw coconut juice, and regular coconut juice in one night. At first I didn’t think anything of it. But once I noticed how fast these liquids were disappearing I knew there was going to be an issue.

As hard as it is for men to tell their wives and girlfriends that they are gaining weight, it’s just as hard for women to tell their husbands and boyfriends. I don’t want to count every bite of food or drop of liquid that goes into his mouth, but I know that his body is going to expand if he continues his crazy drinking regiment at night.

What should I do?
Should I let him gain weight?
Tell him to slow down again?

I’m not sure what the best answer is. But I think I’m going to shut my mouth until he mentions something to me. Sometimes silence is the answer.

Yesterday we ate at one of my favorite Italian restaurants Cucina. 
Enjoy the food pictures. 


Carpaccio di Zucchini

I love it when I’m able to stay on my diet and enjoy my dinner with out feeling like I’m missing out on something.

That’s all that’s going on with me
I’m happy with life, and have a lot to tackle today.
Its time to get started

Enjoy your week.

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