Careers, Salads, and Cheeseburgers

Just one more day until the weekend!! Oh I can hardly sit still.

I’ve been working hard this week. My business is finally taking off, I’m putting in a lot of hours and I love it.

Yesterday I started my new challenges.

Ab Challenge II Day 1, 6/19/13
Push Up Challenge Day 1, 6/19/13
Squat Challenge II Day 1, 6/19/13 (200 squats)

I took a week off of exercising after completing the last challenges, and as much as I enjoyed the break, I missed pushing myself. Yesterday was like a reunion with a long lost love. My body is feeling stronger then ever and I’m proud to finally be able to say I’m in the best shape of my life at 30 years old!!

In my opinion I’d rather be slim and trim now, then slim and trim in high school, but that’s how my cookie crumbled, so it doesn’t really matter what I’d rather.

I have a Life Coaching session with my favorite Client tonight. Can’t wait to see her, catch up, and complete some goal setting exercises. Its weird what excites me now-a-days.

I love helping people achieve goals they didn’t think they could achieve. I know I’m in the correct profession for me.  

Are you? 

I read a book a few months ago, that really helped me clarify my path in life, and my path in my career.

“Life’s a Bitch, Then you Change Careers” by Andrea Kay.

If you aren’t happy in your current profession I suggest this book. If you are happy in your current profession I suggest this book. It’s a nice road mapping workbook, that makes you write down your goals, aspirations, and hobbies to help you narrow down what profession you would thrive in.

I was already planning on becoming a life coach, to enhance to my personal training business, when I started the book and it supported my decision and made me take a good look at what really makes me tick. Since I am highly motivated I don’t need to work in a highly controlled environment, and I need to be my own boss, because I don’t like authority that much.

Enough with the job stuff

Do you love Rabbit food?

I am an avid salad eater. I used to hate the stuff, rabbit food was never high on my list of foods to consume, but as I got deeper and deeper into the fitness lifestyle I realized that salads were not the enemy. They don’t taste like fried chicken, but they can be enjoyable. The problem comes when salads are too enjoyable. When they are loaded with so much crap that you can’t even taste the lettuce.

I get it. You don’t want to eat just green stuff. You want to feel full, you want some grease, you want some kind of substance. Yes, some salads leave you wanting more, so unsatisfied that it pisses you off.

Big changes don’t happen over night, when I first started trying to cut back on my food intake I fell in love with a buffalo chicken salad at Denny’s. 

It was salad but it had fried chicken strips soaked in buffalo sauce. OMG it was so good. Top that off with some blue cheese dressing and Mary was a happy girl. I ate that salad 6 months straight, and even though it was high in calories and fat I still lost weight… why, because I was used to eat chicken nuggets and French fries everyday. The buffalo chicken salad was high in calories and sodium, but lower then my normal diet. I slowly stepped down from fatty salads and found the lighter side of life. 

I shared this story because everyone is looking for a quick fix. Everyone wants to be skinny yesterday. It took me 30 years to finally see my abdominals, and I’m not stopping there. Go easy on yourself. Make small positive changes in right direction, and stick to them. It works. I promise you it does.


10 Salads Worst than a CheeseBurger
by Elizabeth Goodman Artis. Shape Magazine 2013

Crispy Chicken Cesar Salad    
900-1000 Calories
The devil is in the details. Crispy = fried which is why this salad is so bad for you. The dressing adds over 200 calories.

Southwest “Fiesta” Salad
800-1200 calories, 14g saturated fat, 1400mg Sodium
This salad is a deconstructed burrito, loaded with cheese, rice, tortilla strips, guacamole, and sour cream

Asian Grilled Chicken Salad
1200 calories, 2000mg sodium, 12g saturated fat 
Watch out for the fried noodles almonds, and high sodium Asian vinaigrette.

Buffalo Chicken Salad          My long lost lover!!!
1200 calories, 4320mg sodium,
The fried chicken and blue cheese makes this salad worst than a cheeseburger.

Taco Salad
780 Calories, 10g saturated fat, 1300mg sodium
This salad is a deconstructed taco, loaded with meat, cheese, sour cream, and a taco shell bowl.

Chefs Salad
900 Calories
These are basically just meat, cheese and lettuce. It sounds like a delicious salad, but it might expand you waistline.

Non-Salad salads: chicken, tuna, and egg salad
900+ Calories
Your heart is in the right place, but all the added mayo to these salads is something to avoid

Do It Yourself Salads
??? Calories
I am a whole foods salad bar girl. My favorite is romaine lettuce, a little feta cheese, 1 boiled egg and any and every bean I can find, usually kidney beans, garbanzo beans, edamame, navy beans. Some times I treat myself and add a few croutons. I think this salad is healthy, but I defiantly understand how "do it yourself salads" are on this list. Be careful around the proteins, cheese, and dressings.

Cobb Salad
1300 calories, 10-12g Saturated fat
With ingredients like blue cheese, avocado, bacon, turkey and a cream dressing, not to mention the fact that is salad is usually always over-sized, Cobb Salad can ruin your day. 

Steak Salad
800 Calories, 1200mg sodium
Who doesn’t love steak, I’ve had some great steak salads in my day, my favorite was at the Daily Grill in San Francisco, they have a skirt steak that will make you cry! It is tasty, but steak is high in saturated fat, add blue cheese into the mix and your in for a high calorie salad

Shape Magazine
Have a wonder-filled Thursday

 Blessings my Friends

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