Kettle Bells and a 5 minute workout

 Hello Friends!!

Today is a gorgeous day! It’s sunny in the Bay Area, and its supposed to stay that way through the weekend. I have a birthday party to attend this weekend; it’s a pool party, which is even better!! Any excuse to wear my bikini is a plus. I’ve been working hard, and you can see it. It’s going to be fun!!

I worked on a lot of marketing stuff yesterday. Flyers, ads, poster, business cards, speeches etc. 

Yesterday I skipped my workout, I did my challenges, but I didn’t do any cardio or kettle bell training. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it, and yesterday was one of those days for me. I didn’t want to push myself. 

I always mention Kettle Bells when referring to my weight training routine. I live by them. They burn more calories then traditional dumbbells and I’m always looking for a leg up.

Kettle bell workouts started a long time ago in Russian as a training method of Olympic athletes, and military soldiers. They have many benefits and they are user friendly. Kettle Bells challenges core strength, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular endurance. They create stronger muscles and bones, promote weight loss, and can help you reach a variety of goals. I haven’t used traditional dumbbell in years, and I don’t plan on going back any time soon.  My body is the proof that Kettle Bells Work!

I am constantly reading, keeping my knowledge about fitness, and lifestyle current, and up to date. That’s why I run across so many interesting articles that I share with all of you.

I found this article today and I was compelled to share it. If you haven’t noticed I don’t like working out for hours at a time. I like to get in, hit it hard, and get it over with. That’s why this article jumped off of the page for me

Get Fit in 5 Minutes.
By Jessica Smith, Shape Magazine

Who doesn’t have 5 minutes? I know I do.

Dolphin Pike

·     Start in elbows in plank position, hands clasped
·     Tighten abs and lift hips, pressing check back toward thighs
·     Pull abs in tighter towards spine and lower hips to return to start
·     Do 20 reps

Balancing Dead lift Row

  • Stand with feet together, knees slightly bent holding dumb bells
  • Balance on one leg, hinge forward from hips keeping spine straight
  • Extend left leg up behind hip (try to make a straight line from heel through the crown of your head)
  • Reach arms towards right foot while tightening abs for support
  • Row dumbbells up by sides bending elbows behind body
  • Slowly lower dumbbells back down to return to start
  • Repeat on other leg
  • Do 20 alternating reps

Pile Curl to Press

  • Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width, knees and toes turned out about 45 degrees holding dumbbells
  • Bend knees and lower into a pile
  • Reaching arms towards to floor in front of your body
  • Extend legs and curl weights in front of shoulders palms facing in
  • Keeping abs tight and extend arms
  • Press weights overhead, palms stay facing-in, move arms back down and immediately repeat
  • Do 20 reps

Quadruped Kick Backs

  • Kneel on all fours, hands should be on top of dumbbells palms facing in
  • Bend left elbow in by side and life right knee a few inches off the floor
  • Engage abs to help keep torso steady
  • Do a tricep kick back with left arm by extending elbow as right leg extends behind hip
  • Return to start
  • 20 reps each side

Chest Press Leg Drop

  • Grab a pair of dumb bells and lie face up with legs extended straight up over hips (knees can be bent if needed)
  • Arms open to sides of shoulders like a goal post
  • Elbows a few inches off the floor
  • Inhale drawing belly button into spine and lower legs to a 45 degree angle (avoid arching lower back) As arms extend straight over chest
  • Exhale drawing abs in tight and return to start
  • 20 reps

That’s it folks! Time to Sweat!
See you Tomorrow

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