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Hello Brave World!!

Squat Challenge Day 25, 6/7/13 (220 squats)
Squat Challenge Day 26, 6/8/13 (225 squats)

Squat Challenge Day 27, 6/9/13 (230 squats)
Ab Challenge Day 25, completed on 6/7/13
Ab Challenge Day 26, completed on 6/8/13
Ab Challenge Day 27, completed on 6/9/13

I had a wonderful weekend.

DATE NIGHT! For the last 3 years and 9 months my boyfriend and I make time for each other every Friday night. I dress up, he dresses down, and we pick a restaurant. This Friday we went to Fresca, West Portal in San Francisco. The food left something to be desired, and the service almost ruined our meal, but I got to spend time with my best friend and that’s important to me.

We were invited to an oyster-shucking picnic but we had some friends in town, so we decided to skip it. After hanging out most of the day, I let my boyfriend do his own thing, and headed home to work on my puzzle. It’s been a while since I got to enjoy a quiet Saturday night by myself, it was a great great night.

We slept in, hung out with some friends, and then I cooked a yummy dinner. We spent the rest of the night watching Sopranos re-runs.

Challenge Update

My body has been looking great. The challenges work, I am living proof, my abdominals are stronger then they have ever been. I can actually see my abdominals!!! I can truly see them!!

My butt is tight and firm, and my legs are strong. Everything is falling into place. I can’t wait to start the 100 push up challenge… let me rephrase that. I’m excited to start 100 push up challenge but I will admit challenges are no walk in the park. I was required to complete 30 days of ab exercises without any days off. It was frustrating, hard, and super annoying, but oh so worth it. Just wait until you see my before and after pictures..

I found an interesting article about the effects your Man can have on your metabolism. I experienced this first hand. When I met my mate I was in the best shape of my life, now I’m in even better shape, but he got me at my prime. I had a roommate, and my life consisted of working 10 hours split shifts 5 days a week, eating very little, and working out 1-2 hours a day. I didn’t eat out much, because I couldn’t afford it.

 As soon as I meet my man, he started courting me. Dinner 1-2 nights a week, late lunches 2-3 days a week, I was happier then I had ever been, and I was gaining weight. About 3 months after our initial meeting I realized I was on the raise. My body didn’t look as tight and taunt as it used to and I couldn’t fit into my favorite pants. As much as I tried to cut back on the over eating I never saw my slim waist line until recently.

The best thing about my other half is that he never pointed out my weight gain. I avoided being naked around him, avoided getting on top, and beat myself up for letting myself go. He did seem to notice anything. I’ve recently asked him about my weight gain and loss, like the good boyfriend, he says he didn’t notice. He  likes how I look now, he enjoys the confidence I have, and the tight body that goes along with it. As proud of myself as I am, I must admit that I’m a little ashamed of my weight gain, but I am who and I am I can't be ashamed of my choices.

Shape comprised a list of 8 things Men do to that affect your metabolism. I wish I had read this 3½ years ago, but there is no reason to get lost in the past. The future is right in front of me.

8 Ways Your Man Meddles with Your Metabolism… and Easy Ways to mend it

  1. You eat what he eats
I’ve been here. When I meet my man I was a pescatarin and it kept me slim. Definition of pescatarian, occasionally used to describe those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish. 3-4 months into dating I decided to start eating meat again, I also increased my alcohol intake, and the scale started to raise.

Last year I cut meat out of my diet, and I also stopped drinking. That on top of working out helped me loose the weight I put on.

I learned that we share a lot of things, but his metabolism isn’t one of them. I can’t eat what he can eats. Sometimes it pisses me off, but in the end I’m responsible for myself. I will always envy his metabolism, but I will never have it.

  1. You can’t seem to make it to your early morning workout
Sometimes exercising before work is the best time to get an good sweat in and clear your mind, but when a man is in your bed its hard to be motivated to get up and sweat.

As much as I love a good cuddle, I also love working out in the  morning. It makes my days better, and I feel a lot stronger. I’m lucky that I’m a early morning person, and my man is not. I’ve been exercising before he wakes up for the majority of our relationship. My boyfriend brags about it to his friends. He tells them how early I get up, and how great my body looks. I can’t ask for anything better then that.

  1. You’re going out to eat all the time
This is still an issue for me, we go out to eat 4-5 days a week. I love eating out, and I have found ways to avoid the fried foods, and skip straight to the vegetable and lean protein. It took a while, but once you realize that you’re not missing anything it’s easier to pass on those truffle fries.

  1. You swapped ladies night for movie night
I never really had ladies night, and on the few occasions that I have he doesn’t have a problem with it. Make sure not to neglect your friends, you will never forgive yourself if you choose a man over a girlfriends. She will never forgive you either.

  1. Your Me time is now We time
Welcome to my life. I used to come home and stretch for 1-2 hours a night. Now I have to schedule time for stretching. Once you become a couple your routines start to change. I have been successful at carving out my “me” time. This Saturday was a perfect example. I felt terrible leaving my man and his friends but I didn’t want to hang out, I wanted to be alone and work on my puzzle, and that’s exactly what I did.

  1. You ditched your stilettos for sweat pants
This is me all the way. I love dressing up, I love high heels, I love tight skinny jeans, funky oversized jewelry, and pushing the envelope on fashion, but my man loves me in sweats. He loves the yoga look, or the post workout look. A few months ago I started dressing up again, dusting off my high heels I realized if I wasn’t true to myself I would never be fully happy. Fashion Fridays are my favorite!

  1. You’ve rubbed off on each other
I used to love late night snacking, living alone I got my snacking under control, and my body could tell the difference. My boyfriend loves late night snacking, ice cream, cookies, soup???, sorbet, etc. I tried to keep up with him, but my waist line expanded. Every night is a battle of wills, but I have it back under control. I’ve even noticed him slowing down on his late night snacking. I think some of my discipline is rubbing off on him

  1. You’ve giving up your post-work routine
Sometimes you need a after work workout, but its hard to tell your man that you would rather hit the gym then hang out with him. I can only suggest that you find someone that understands how important fitness is to you. Since I met my other half in the gym he gets me. He knows if I’m stressed I just need to work out, or if I’m cranky I didn’t push myself hard enough. Find someone that loves you for all of your Quirks.

Keeping yourself healthy is for you, but our lovers get to enjoy our bodies just as much as we do. Demand more... you will receive more.

Thanks for tuning in

Hearts my friends

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