Challenges Completed, next step... Diet?

 Feeling good smelling good. 
Feeling good smelling good

Squat Challenge Day 30, 6/12/13 (250 squats) 
Ab Challenge Day 30, completed on 6/12/13

Yesterday was day 30 of my ab and squat challenge.

I completed 250 squats with no breaks!!!
I mastered that abdominal routine for 30 days straight!!!

I’m finally free!!!

It's going to feel great not working out today. I plan on not working out for the next 3 days, then posting the final before and after pictures. My body is weird, it needs around 2-3 days rest to see the real results from training. I don’t know why it happens, but I know my mid-sections will shrink an inch or two and who wouldn’t love that?

Enjoy the pictures.

This is me after my final workout yesterday. Please ignore the hair... somebody looks happy!

Today I’m attending The Total Wellness Mind Body and Spirit Fair in the Embarcadero Center, from 11-2. I plan on arriving around 11:30 and staying until 1 or 2 depending on the crowd. I don’t think its going to be a huge turn out, but any event is a good excuse to network. So network I will do.

As proud of myself as I am, I know I need to work hard on my abdominals. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym

I need to clean up my diet to obtain the results I desire. 

Am I ready for that? 
Am I ready to eat rabbit food day in and day out just to see a 6 pack? 

I’m still not sure what the answer is. Some days I’m ready to cut out all the unnecessary calories, and some days I want to eat everything in my sight. I’m not sure if I have to commitment it takes to get where I want to go.  Keeping in mind that I’m getting older, and hopefully within the next 5 years I’ll be looking forward to becoming a mother. When that time comes I can kiss my 6 pack dreams away for at least 1-2 years.

I am truly on the fence with my diet. I eat very clean, but I know I still crave fried foods, and any kind of potato you put in front of me, I will eat. I also have a serious sweet tooth, which I can usually keep under control, but sometimes it gets the best of me.

Here are some sample Diets

The Ab’s Diet Quick Start Plan
Created by Woman’s Health
6 weeks
  • Must follow meal plan 
  • Must complete 45 minute exercise provided by Woman’s Health
Sample Meal Plan
  • Breakfast – Tuna and Eggs
  • Snack 1   - 8oz Belly Busting Smoothie
  • Lunch     - 1 string cheese and Mixed Salad
  • Snack 2   - Cucumber tubes
  • Dinner    - Steamed/Broiled/Baked fish with vegetables
  • Snack 3   - Low fat ice cream Sandwich

Jillian Michaels Ab Plan
6 weeks
  • Must follow meal plan
  • Must complete 30 days to Shred and Abdominal videos
Sample Meal Plan
  • Breakfast - Fresh fruit and greek organic yogurt
  • Lunch     - Steamed/Broiled/Baked fish & veggie salad
  • Dinner    - Grilled Chicken and vegetables

The AB’s Diet
Created by Mens Health
6 weeks
  • Must follow meal plan 
Sample Meal Plan
  • Breakfast – Abs Diet Ultimate Power Smoothie
  • Snack 1   - 1 teaspoons peanut butter, raw vegetables
  • Lunch     - Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Snack 2   - 1 oz almonds, 1½ cup berries
  • Dinner    - Mas Macho Meatballs
  • Snack 3   - Abs Diet Ultimate Power Smoothie

What do you guys think?

Should I bite the bullet and start an Abdominals diet?

Or should I keep indulging when I want to?

I’m leaning towards the Abdominal Diet. I think I’m going to work with my good friend Anna over at she is very well educated about a lot of different diets, I’m sure she can help me create a meal plan that I can stick to.

Could you stay on track?
Could you push away from the occasional Fried food snacks to obtain the body you always dreamed about?

The question is… Can I?

I think I have come this far; I need to keep moving forward, no more backtracking. I’m ready to change my eating habits.

Uncomfortable = Change
                                       -Mary Lawrence

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