Challenge Tuesdays

  Can you believe it's already Challenge Tuesdays!!!
Well it is.
Lets get ready for a challenge

Last week I challenged you to complete 20 Inch-Worms for 7 days. I completed mine like a double murder and I like the way it made me feel. I am actually able to see some results. I don’t think it’s only the inch-worms. I realize  all of the challenges are making a difference in my workout routine.  This week I’m changing it up. If you haven’t been keeping up with Challenge Tuesdays here is your time to do some extra credit and catch up.
I officially challenge you to complete
50 squats
50 jumping jacks
60 seconds of mountain climbers
 20 Inch-Worms
This is the super duper pooper lopper challenge that I want you to try to tackle. By completing 50 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 60 seconds of mountain climbers, and 20-inch worms, you are adding a 15 minutes workout routine to your daily routaine. Maybe you didn’t complete the jumping jacks, or you have an issue with inch-worms, or maybe you’re like me and you hate mountain climbers. Well this week is for you. Truly challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and push your level of capability. All of the exercises are very basic, if you have back or knee problems, admit one exercise and double up on another, or do a modified version.

With all exercises make sure you are warming up the body by walking briskly, or jogging in place.
Modified Squat:
If you have bad knees squats might scare you and cause your knees to start to shake. Squats don't have to be painful. There are ways to modify this exercise to protect the delicate joints of your bad knees. If you have knee issues and want to add the squat challenge to your workout routine, first check with your doctor, and be sure to use the proper form of safety modifications. Also allow at least 1 day of rest between squat workouts.
  • You must warm-up to prepare bad knees for squatting
Complete 5-10 minutes of full body movements like walking, cycling or marching in place.
  • Proper stance in all types of squats will reduce discomfort on your knees
Position your feet just wider than your hips and slightly turned outward. Point your knees and toes in the same direction. Once your feet are in the correct place maintain that position throughout the exercise.
Quarter Squat
Full squats necessitate a 90 degree bend in the knees, a quarter squat requires only a 20 degree bend.
-       Stand facing a chair
-       Place your hands on chair for balance
-       Assume your squat position, with modified leg placement
-       Inhale and bend knees slightly as you lower your hips
-       Start with one set and increase to 2-3 as you get stronger
Wall Squats
Use an exercise stability ball to perform a wall squat
-       Walk your feet about 12 inches from the wall, so your lower back is on the ball
-       Inhale, bend your knees and lower your hips towards the floor.
-       The ball rolls down the wall
-       Keep your knees over the top of your heels and lower to a comfortable position, but not past 90 degrees
-       Exhale and straighten your legs to the start position.

Modified Jumping Jacks:
Jumping jacks are an effect way to get every major muscle group in your body moving. They challenge your cardiovascular system and burn calories faster. You can burn somewhere from 135-355 calories, depending on your body weight and exercise intensity.
Chair-Assisted Jumping Jacks
-       Stand with feet together, behind or beside a sturdy chair that won’t tip when you put your weight on it.
-       The chair’s back should be high enough that you can rest your hands on them without bending over
-       Rest hands lightly on chairs back, and hop up, landing with your feet spread
-       Use chair for balance as needed, but support your own weight as much as possible
-       Jumping again, land with your feet together, continue alternating between feet-spread and feet open position
 Modified Mountain Climbers
You should start with modified mountain climbers to make sure you are doing the exercise with proper technique. Modified Mountain climbers will decrease your range of motion.
The modified version of mountain climbers are the same as standard but from elbows plank position. Do not twist body, knees goes to elbows.

Modified Inch Worms
Inch Worms are very straight forward, and ubber challenging. To modify this exercise only work to your level of comfort. Since you have to work at your own level, I can not provide step by step directions, you have to listen to your body to figure out where your level of comfort is.

Personal Reflection
This blog posting is inspired by my cousin Melinda Mac, she was always someone I looked up too while growing up. She was beautiful, she had style, and she was the “cool cousin.” I remember spending a weekend with her, she allowed us to play dress up in her clothes and she even sent my sister and me home with some of the cool clothes that she could spare.  Talking to Melinda a few months ago, she explain that she has some knee problems, and she can’t do most exercises that create pressure on her knees. So this one is for you Melinda. I love you Cousin. I hope these modified exercises help.

The challenge is to push yourself everyday by adding
50 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 60 seconds of mountain climbers
and, 20 Inch-Worms

Know your level!
Good Luck!

*Disclaimer: Always make sure to warm your body up before preforming any exercises. 
If you do not you are running the risk of injury. 
Always listen to your body, if any exercise causes too much impact stop right away. 


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