Challenge Monday

It's Challenge Mondays Folks! 

I really enjoy posting these challenges, I've received some really great feedback which is always rewarding. Keep moving forward friends, lets all evolve into the people we were born to be. 

Fitness Challenge

I challenge you to complete my weights & cardio fitness workout 5 days this week 

Challenge Synopsis
  • Complete the fitness challenge featured below **at your own risk
  • Always focus on form rather than speed
  • Compete each exercise at a stead pace 
  • Rest when you need it and always go before your ready

Why Why Why 
  • Because it's time to push yourself past your current limits
  • This routine is fast but not easy, it will challenge you right away
  • If you're ready to get in shape, loose weight, push yourself, tone up, or just sweat this workout is perfect for you
  • Endurance 
  • Strength
  • Never give up attitude
  • 1 light dumbbell or a Light Kettle Bell
  • Complete these exercises at your own risk
  • Kettle Bell / Dumbbell swings are advance exercises. If you do not use weights on a regular bases substitute squat thrust for these exercises 
  • This is a cardio endurance workout that targets your entire body: upper body, lower body, butt, and core 
  • Make sure to begin each exercise routine with full body stretching 
  • Stretching is very important to avoid injury

Jumping Jacks 
  • Stand straight up with feet together and arms at your sides
  • Slightly bend your knees and propel yourself a few inches into the air
  • While in air, bring legs out the side about shoulder width apart
  • As you move your legs outwards, raise arms up over your heads
  • Your feet should be shoulder width or wider as your hands meet about your heads
  • Quickly jump back to step and repeat
Squat Thrusts

  • Stand straight up with feet shoulder width apart and arms at your sides
  • Slightly bend your knees and jump your legs back landing in plank position
  • Jump legs back under your knees and stand up
  • That is one rep
Dumbbell Arm Swings
  • Tightly grip each bell in each hand
  • Flex and extend your hips and knees to power the momentum to allow free arm to hang freely
  • Pull shoulders back at the apex of the swing
  • Send weight back behind you, not down 
  • Keep arms straight and relax on the down swing
  • Connect writs to upper thighs
  • Align head with the spine when dumbbell is swinging down

Kettle Bell Swings

  • Tightly grip kettle bell with both hands
  • Flex and fully extend your hips and keep the power the momentum
  • Keep bottom of Kettle bell facing away from you at the apex of the swing
  • Pull your shoulders back at the apex of the swing
  • Send Kettle Bell back behind you *not down
  • Keep arms straight and relax on the downswing
  • Connect wrists to upper thigh
  • Align head with your spine when kettle bell is swinging down down
5 Jumping Jacks 
5 Squat Thrusts
*rest for 30 seconds 

10 Jumping Jacks 
10 Squat Thrusts 
*rest for 30 seconds

20 Jumping Jacks 
20 Squat Thrusts 

10 Jumping Jacks 
10 Kettle Bell or Dumbbell Swings 
*rest for 30 seconds

20 Jumping Jacks 
20 Kettle Bell or Dumbbell Swings 
*rest for 30 seconds

30 Jumping Jacks
30 Kettle Bell or Dumbbell Swings

10 Jumping Jacks 
10 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Swings 
*rest for 30 seconds

20 Jumping Jacks 
20 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Swings 
*rest for 30 seconds

30 Jumping Jacks 
30 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Swings 
*rest for 30 seconds 

40 Jumping Jacks 
40 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Swings 
*rest for 30 seconds

50 Jumping Jacks 
50 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Swings 

*Great for hotel or out of town workouts 

My Take
This is one of my favorite workouts. I even slip a few rounds of Jumping Jacks and Kettle Bell swings into my Personal Training Sessions. My clients always scream bloody murder which makes my  little heart sing. When I don't have much time, but I need to work off some binge eating or missing workout guilt, I complete the advance routine. By sets of 20 I'm about ready to give up. When I get to sets of 40 I have a fight with myself not to quit and by 50 it seems impossible until I finish the last rep. Workouts like this one are quick, fast, and dirty. They provide results and you will feel proud of yourself no matter what level: beginner, intermediate, advance.

Nutrition Challenge 

I challenge you to infuse your water with fruit this week

Challenge Synopsis
  • Infuse your water with fruit to boost it's nutritional value
  • Increase your water intake for the rest of the week

Why Why Why
  • Drinking water helps you loose weight
  • By drinking water helps you burn calories
  • Fruit infused water is naturally low in calories and contains non-artificial  ingredients so you can drink as much as you want
  • Some infused water combinations contain metabolism boosting ingredients that naturally help accelerate weight loss

  • Infuse water with your favorite fruits
  • Try to increase your water intake for the next 7 days
  • Have a pitcher of fruit infused water in your fridge at all times
  • Buy a travel water battle and put your infused water in it to enjoy on the go
My take
I've heard about fruit infused water for a while now, but I've never been intrigued enough to make any. I'm taking on this challenge with all of you. Let's go for it!

Self-Help Challenge

I challenge you to reconnect with an old friend, colleague, professor, teacher, or relative that you have lost touch with 

Challenge Synopsis
  • Reconnect with someone special/important that you have lost touch with 
  • It should be a person that has had a positive effect on your life in some way

Why Why Why 
  • The tightest bonds can fall apart for one reason or another
  • Juggling the troubles of life makes it a challenge to keep in touch with friends
  • Reconnecting is a great way to boost happiness and remember happy times from the past 
  • Ancient philosophers state: a key to happiness is strong ties to other people we need intimate, long-term relationships; we need to belong, we need to give and receive support to feel human and wanted
  • Studies show if you have 5 or more friends that you are able to discuss important matters you are more likely to describe yourself as "very happy" compared to those how don't have those kind of connections
  • Old phones
  • Old phonebooks (remember those???)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • High School yearbooks
  • An adventurous & brave attitude 
  • Create a list of friends had a positive effect on your life, that you have lost touch with
  • Use social media, old phone numbers, and other friends to try to locate your special friends
  • Call, email, text, send a card or letter to your friend and rekindle the friendship
  • Enjoy reconnecting and try not to loose touch again

My Take
I have lost touch with many people who have shaped me into the person that I am. This challenge is for me too, I'm ready to reconnect with people just to say hi, thank you, and I love you. I will make sure to keep all of your up to date with my reconnection quest. Please share any reconnection stories that you may have

That's all today folks

Body Sculpting with Kettle Bell for Women by Lorna Kleidman

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