My Trip to the Conservatory of Flowers

Hi Friends,

I've had a killer week thus far, enjoying healthy desserts, pushing myself harder than ever during my workouts, and making sure to eat clean puts me in an optimistic and ebullient mood. I've been redesigning this website to make it more user friendly. There are a few more tweaks to get done, but so far so good, I haven't received any negative feedback yet.

My boyfriend, the best boyfriend in the world, took me on an afternoon date, last week, to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, and I'm still mesmerized by all the impressive flowers and the "Chop" exhibition.

The entry fee was only 8 bucks and there were awards posted for "Best First Date in San Francisco", how exciting??? The Conservatory is an old white Victorian type building busting at the seams with plants and exotic flowers. Before you enter the space you already feel as if you are in an enchanted forest, far far far away from the every day hustle and bustle of the city. All of the stress I've been under seemed to melt away as soon as I walked into the building.

Do I look happy????

Upon entire you hand a nice lady your tickets and follow the crush red velvet rope into a overstuffed room filled from floor to ceiling with colorful plants and intimidating greenery. There are exhibits on each side of this large main room. Each room has its own theme from lowland tropics, highland tropics, aquatic plants, and the special "Chomp" exhibit.

Walking, exploring, and discovering new plants and flowers can't help but put you in a tranquil romantic mood. My boyfriend hates PDA and I love it, surprisingly halfway through the tour he grabbed my hand and held it tight, I even got a few kisses.

The featured exhibit "Chop" showcases carnivorous plants like Venus fly traps and pitcher plants. The Venus fly traps were so big I was almost intimated, noticed I said almost.

Enjoy few of my favorite pictures, I took over 100 pictures in the first 20 minutes. So much to document, so little time.

It's raining in here!!!

Tips for visiting the Conservatory of Flowers
* Each room is set to a different temperature depending on the exhibit, try to wear layers, it gets pretty hot in there
* Don't be afraid of a little water, the plants are watered every 2-3 minutes, you will get wet, not soaking wet, but wet
*Every first Tuesday is free monthly

That's all today folks
Tomorrow we are crafting!!!

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