Challenge Mondays

Hi Friends, it's challenge time!!!

Fitness Challenge
I challenge you to complete my 5 minute fast feet workout

Challenge Synopsis
  • Complete my 5 minute fast feet workout everyday, for the next 7 days
  • It's called fast feet for a reason, move those feet
  • This is a quick and easy cardio routine that requires no equipment
Why Why Why
  • Cardio is the key to loosing weight
  • Not everybody has time to go to the gym and complete an hour of cardio 3-4 days a week
  • This routine will get your heart pumping and legs aching in no time
  • Timer 
  • Water
  • Will Power & Strength
  • This is a timed workout, so you don't need to focus on reps
  • Compete at least one round of this workout, for a harder workout do routine 2-3 times

Fast Feet
Start with feet shoulder width apart, go down into a slight squat, knees soft, abdominals engaged, arms at a 90 degree angle by your sides
Moving your feet fast, run in place

In - Outs
Start with feet shoulder width apart, go down into a slight squat, knees soft, abdominals engaged, arms at a 90 degree angle by your side
Move feet in and out, while arms pumping

Fast feet - 20 seconds
In Outs - 20 seconds
Fast feet - 30 seconds 
In Outs - 30 seconds
Fast feet - 40 seconds
In Outs - 40 seconds
Fast feet - 60 seconds
In Outs - 60 seconds 

My Take
I love cardio, isn't that crazy? Well it's the truth. I realized a long time ago to get down to my desired weight cardio was always going to play a huge part in my life. So why hate it? It took a while, but now I crave that cardio burn. Fast feet is the warm up to my full body workout I complete every Sunday. I'm not a runner, but I realize running is an easy way to get your heart pumping, while toning your lower body. I have big legs, I'm always looking for workouts to help tone and slim them. In 5 minutes my heart rate shoots up and my legs burn, ache, and beg me to stop or at least slow down. I hope you enjoy this quick cardio routine and decide to add it to your regular routine.

Nutrition Challenge
I challenge you to 
eat at least 1 salad a day this week

Challenge Synopsis
  • Consume at least one salad everyday this week
Why Why Why 
  • Eating raw fruit and vegetables will keep you feeling full
  • Salads are visually satisfying
  • Eating a salad a day can decrease your caloric intake
  • Salads are high in fiber, which reduces cholesterol and constipation
  • Salad recipes
  • An open mind
  • I will be featuring easy salad recipes this week

  • Eat at least one salad a day for the next 7 days
  • Get creative and try different salads like Greek salad, bean salad, and roasted vegetable salad
My Take
It's taken me years to actually enjoy eating a salad and now I'm hooked. For a while I would just stuff all the green stuff in my mouth and unhappily chew. It felt like torture, but I knew I had to eat salads to reach my personal weight goals. Now I'm hooked on the fresh, chewy, concoctions. I usually have a small salad for lunch everyday. Instead of stuffing them down my throat, I enjoy the crisp, fresh, and full feeling they provide. Eating one salad a day will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Trust me.

Self Improvement Challenge
I challenge you to turn off your TV

Challenge Synopsis
  • Decrease your TV watching this week
Why Why Why
  • Watching TV influences your spending habits, corporations spend billions of dollars in advertising with the goal of influencing the way to spend your money
  • Watching TV takes away from cultivating relationships with other people
  • TV watching can be bad for your health, many studies have linked TV watching with obesity and sedimentary lifestyle
  • Watching TV can lead to less sex, couples who keep a TV in the bedroom have sex 1/2 as often as couples who don't 
  • Will Power
  • Strength
  • Other things to do other than watching TV
    • Reading books
    • Playing games
    • Meditation
    • Connecting with friends
  • Here are a few ways to decrease your TV watching
  • Hide the remote
  • Turn off the TV during dinner
  • Make a few days a week TV free days
  • Make sure your TV doesn't become the center of attention in your home 

My Take
This challenge is very close to my heart, my boyfriend watches a lot more TV then I do. When he's not watching he will complain of boredom. It used to annoy me, but I realized I can not control him. So I take my TV breaks alone. I knit, draw, craft, write, and study instead of constantly watching TV. I find I am happier, have more energy, and a spark for life. This challenge is truly a self improvement challenge. Challenge yourself to cut your TV watching in half this week and enjoy all the benefits and results. I promise you will thank yourself for it.  

That it friends!


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