Challenge Tuesday

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Fitness Challenge
Complete my Quick fix workout everyday this week

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to complete my Quick Fix Workout everyday this week 4 sets, 12 reps of each exercises

Why Why Why
  • These particular exercises target your entire body while raising your heart rate and challenging your endurance
  • Squats tone the entire lower body and abdominals while lifting your butt and toning your quads
  • Lunges tone lower body, challenges balance and is a functional exercise 
  • Reverse crunches target your abdominals, especially your transverse abdominals which keeps your stomach flat
Just yourself


My Take
It's officially the holiday season and you're going to be seeing friends & family that you haven't seen in a while. These basic exercises give you a lot of bang for your buck. Complete this simple routine everyday this week, if you're up for a bigger challenge do the routine twice a day. You should see results sooner rather than later. 

Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to drink at least one mug of green tea everyday this week

Why Why Why
  • Green tea is loaded with vital nutrients, minerals and antioxidants 
  • Green tea improves brain function & lowers risk of certain cancer 
  • Green tea boosts metabolic rate 
  • Caffeine can improve physical performance by mobilizing fatty acids the turning them into energy 
  • Green tea can be used as an appetite suppressor 
  • Green tea
  • Hot water
  • A big mug
  • Depending on your preference natural sweetener, lemon and/or milk 
Drink at least one mug of green tea a day 

My Take
I used green tea to spark my weight loss journey, and with the holiday season coming up I going to pull out all my trick to ensure I stay in shape. 

Self Improvement Challenge

Challenge Synopsis
Repeat this positive affirmation everyday this week, while looking in the mirror 

Why Why Why
  • Studies have proven people who constantly entertain themselves with positive words and thoughts rather than negative words and thoughts are happier and more satisfied with their lives
  • Experts claim positive affirmations can have positive effect on the subconscious 
A mirror

Everyday this week look in the mirror stare deep into your eyes and repeat:

I am kind, I am loving, I am happy, I am beautiful

Try to do this a few times a day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing before bed

My Take
I am a firm believer in positive affirmations. I use them on a daily bases and I've improved my self-esteem and self-worth. I hope this affirmation can do the same for all of you.

That's all today folks,
Peace & Love,

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