Challenge Monday

Challenge Monday

Fitness Challenge
Planks baby planks

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to complete 3 sets of 60 seconds planks everyday this week 

Why Why Why 
  • Planks are an isometric exercise where you contract your muscles against a stationary resistance... gravity
  • Planks strengthen rectus abdominials, transverse abdominials, obliques, chest, arms, wrists, hamstrings, quadriceps, as well as challenging your balance and endurance, while improving your posture
  • Planks pretty much challenges your entire body
  • Planks keep my stomach flat, even on calorie abundant cheat days 

Complete 3 sets of 60 seconds planks everyday this week 

Form is very important when doing planks 

Place hand on ground, directly under shoulders, arms shoulder-width apart. Feet together you body should be a straight line, make sure hips don't sag or hike. Head looking forward not down
Hold position for 60 seconds, if you need a break drop knees for a few seconds, then continue with plank, checking your form
Start strong and finish strong if you need a break

  • Hand in ground planks are 'traditional planks' a great option for beginners to work on form.
  • High planks uses your body weight to sculpt shoulders and arms
  • Elbow planks Tend to be more challenging because you use more of you core muscles 
  • Planks on knees are for beginners who core is not yet conditioned 
  • Any plank are good planks so try them all out and enjoy the burn 

My Take
Like most effective exercises I have a serious love hate relationship with planks. They are effective and make my body tremble in pain. This challenge will be hard but stick with it and you will see results.

Nutrition Challenge 

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to eat salads for lunch everyday this week

Why Why Why
  • Eating salads for lunch, at least 5 days a week, is one of the best healthy eating habits you can adopt
  • Salads are a convenient way to work in your daily serving of fruit and vegetables
  • Salads are a colorful, fun to eat and easy to customize to your personal taste
  • Fruits and vegetable
  • Low-fat dressing or vinaigrette 
  • Eat Salads everyday this week
  • Opt for mix greens, raw vegetable toppings, raw nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, add boiled eggs, lean chicken or beef or seafood for added protein
  • Avoid mayonnaise based salads like tuna salad, pasta salad, and egg salad
  • Salad dressing - Opt for salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil and low fat vinaigrettes
  • Avoid mayonnaise based salad dressings 
My Take
I've been eating salads for lunch the last 6 months and I can tell the difference. 

Self Improvement Challenge

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to take a selfie everyday this week 

Why Why Why
  • "Self capture images allow people to express their moods states and share important experiences" - Dr Andrea Letamendi, a clinical psychologist @ UCLA
  • Selfies can boost confidence and spark change
  • It's fun to document different outfits, hairstyles, and non verbal cues that come across in selfies
  • Taking pictures spark creativity
  • Digital cameras and smart phones makes photography easier and less intimidating 
A camera, any camera

  • Take at least one Selife, picture of yourself, everyday this week
  • Keep these selfies and review them at that the end of the week
  • If your brave... Share them on your favorite social media site * I'll br posting my selfies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 
My Take
I'm super juiced about this challengeI am traveling for the next 10 days so I'll try to get different landmarks along with my all of my funky fashion choices. This one is going to be fun. 

That's all Today folks!
Peace & Love,


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