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I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly

Here goes another reason to envy the New York Fitness Scene. Every Monday night at Chelsea Studios, 35 willing participants learn how to dance like the self proclaimed diva herself, Beyonce. For 18 bucks you sweat, get wet, and learn some choreography from her most popular videos. All levels of dance experiences are welcomed, but most students have some type of dance background. Next time I'm in the Big Apple, I'm going to take my 6 years of cheerleading down to Chelsea Studios to learn how to 'Move My Body Like a Snake' for article click here

Are you Positive or Negative?

A study conducted at Michigan State proves there are positive and negative people in the world. Everyone knows those people who never seem to have a bad day and those other people that only see the bad side of things. These traits could be hardwired in the brain. This is the first provided biological evidence validating this theory. What are you? for article click here

Seattle Concert Goers Beware

Some woman had one hell of a night in Seattle. She worked all day at Lynden Dutch Bakery, started pre-gaming at Lynden Wine and Spirits, stopped to fill up her car with unleaded and checked into the Best Western Loyal Inn on 8th Ave. She rocked out at a Kings Of Leon Concert then continued the party at Wasabi Bistro, returning back to the Best Western Loyal Inn. Sounds like a great night until the State of Washington learned this particular woman was sick and highly contagious with the measles. Anyone that was at any of these locations between March 26-29 might have been exposed to this potentially fatal respiratory disease.  If you know anyone that was at any of these locations and have developed an illness, fever, or a strange rash instruct them to consult a health professional immediately.for article click here

DIY Heart Nails

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