Bad Knees at 30

Hi Friends!

I've been feeling a little sore lately. Last week I had a really bad fall and injured my knees. That fall has changed the way I workout for the rest of my life.

 It was the worst fall I've ever had. I was hanging out at a bar named Buena Vista, it's famous for having the best Irish Coffees in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I were having a drink at the bar and I hooked my 2 inch heels into the bar stool. While playing with my boyfriend I leaned forward and my stool starting to slide back, before I could react my neck hit the counter part of the bar and I landed hard on all 4s on the ground. Of course I jumped up, slightly embarrassed but more tickled that I had fell so hard. As the days went on I discovered a bruise on my left knee. It's been about 2 weeks now and both of my knees are tender to touch, and I get shooting pains in certain positions. 
Falling that hard really sucks.

 Now that I'm slightly injured my workouts have been torture. I decided to take a few days/weeks off to fully recover and not further injure myself. 

I felt like my recovery was taking too long so I got in touch with my doctor and asked him for some suggestions. 

I've never mentioned this before, but whenever I complete squats and lunges a tendon in my right knee gets sore and tight. It's bearable enough to push through, but the next few days seem like it takes forever for me to recover. After explaining all of my aches, pains, and recent injuries to my doctor instructed  me to stop doing squats and lunges. He explained these exercises are effective but they also put the knee in a vulnerable position which is causing my discomfort. He also reminded me that I lost a significant amount of weight and my knees aren't as sturdy as they used to be. 

 I'm very very very hard headed, as much sense as the doctor made I still told myself that I would continue to add squats and lunges to my regular workout routine, but after some serious thought I realized I really don't need to take the risk and further injury myself. I'm only 31, not even 1/2 way done with my life and I already have bad knees. 

If I ignore the doctors suggestions/diagnoses and continue to put further pressure on my knees there is a good chance that I will permanently damage my knees which I will regret it later. 

Bad knees will cut down on quests for adventures, dance moves, and my sex life. 

So I'm removing all squats and lunges in my workout routine. I always hated doing them, but they are efficient and effective. Now I'm looking for other ways to strengthen my knees and tone my lower body. 

I plan on doing some pool walking this week, and participating in my favorite, Bikram yoga. 

I thought I would only be down for a few days, but these days have now tuned into 2 weeks and I'm still getting shooting pains throughout my knees daily. 

I will keep all of you up to date with my knee status and the exercises I find to strengthen my knees. 

Please send me some good healing energy so I can get back to my normal routines.

That's all today folks

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