Challenge Monday

Fitness Challenge

I challenge you to complete this simple full body workout, featured below, at least 5 days this week

Challenge Synopsis
  • Complete the workout featured below 5 days this week
  • Always focus on form rather than speed
  • Complete each exercise at a steady pace
  • Rest when you need it and always go before your ready
Why Why Why
  • This simple full body exercise routine will get your body ready for the Easter weekend and save you a lot of time
  • Because full body exercises will get you are efficient and effective
  • Water
  • Light dumbbells 3-5-8 pounds depending on your strength experience
Complete 10-15 reps, 3xs
Targets - Entire Body

Get in push up position
Do a push up then cross your right hand over your left hand and do another push up

Then cross your hand over your left and do another push up

Complete 10-15 reps, 3xs
Targets - lower body, endurance, core

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back 

Step forward (or backwards) with one leg into a wide stance

Lower hips until both knees are bent at the knees to around a 90 degree angle

Complete 10-15 reps, 3xs
Targets - Core 

Stand holding a dumbbell in one hand overhead feet shoulder width apart

Lift right knees to side and pull right elbow down to meet it

Return to starting position and repeat on other side

Complete 10-15 reps, 3xs
Targets -  Entire Body
Stand in wide stance, toes pointed out, dumbbells in both hands lifted above your head

Drop down into a low squat while pulling dumbbell to a 90 degree angle

Push legs and arms back to start

My Take
I've changed the format of the fitness challenge. Instead of 10-15 exercises I've slimmed it down to 4-5 full body exercises. These routines will raise your heart rate, work your entire body, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete the entire routine! Please let me know if you like the new format

Nutrition Challenge
Skip dessert for a week

Challenge Synopsis
  • No desert this week, save all your sugar calories for Sunday
Why Why Why
  • Eating dessert is yummy but it can also spike your sugar levels at the end of the night, which can trigger dreaded late night snacking
  • Exercising disciple is always a good thing to do
  • Because you're going to eat a lot of extra calories this weekend, you're pre-gaming for that wonderful Easter Fest coming up on Sunday 
  • Disciple - Will Power
  • A buddy to keep you honest
  • A healthy dessert substitute *I like snacking on fruit leather from Trader Joe's, I save a lot of calories and I still feel some what satisfied 
  • Just say NO to dessert
My Take
I grew up in a dessert friendly house. Everyday I snacked on homemade cakes, pies, cookies, bars, and much much more. Because of my sugar filled childhood I don't feel that dinner is over until I get my sweet tooth satisfied. Luckily for me my main squeeze is the exact opposite of me. He doesn't care for sweets, he would rather order an extra appetizer than save room for a sweet treat. When he does indulge he only orders ice cream, sorbet, or fresh fruit. For the past few years I've exercises a lot of disciple opting out of ordering desert after dinners, but when the holidays come around I can't wait to break all of my rules and go for it. The challenge is as much for you as it is for me.

Self Help Challenge
I challenge you to do some crafting this week

Challenge Synopsis
  • Get your hands dirty and get those creative juices flowing
  • I will be posting some fun and easy Easter crafts that can be done solo or with your kids
  • I will be adding a new page full of fun crafts to complete
Why Why Why
  • Crafting can allow your mind a break from worrying about the future, past and things out of your control
  • Is proven to help people who suffered from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain
  • Eases stress, increases happiness, and protects the brain from damage caused by aging
  • Crafting is similar to meditation, which is great for a healthy brain
  • Depends on your crafts of choice
  • Find a craft project that excites you and GO FOR IT!
My Take
I have always been a very creative person, I even went to art school. :) I have many hobbies that challenge my brain and gets my creative side flow. I love knitting, drawing, puzzles, melted crayon art, cooking and much much more. All of these things keep my mind healthy and active, they also give me a sense of accomplishment when completed. I enjoy starting new projects and I love when I complete what I set out to do, it's invigorating and inspiring. 

That's all today folks
Blessings Friends

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My name is Mary! I was obese for most of my life, around 7 years ago I decided to take control of my life and successfully lost over 150 pounds. But that's just the beginning of my journey. Join me as I evolve into the person I was born to become. I love to cook, craft, read, and make people smile. I'm happy you've stumbled on by. Let’s Evolve Together.

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