DIY Easter Crafts

Hi Guys!

I've been crafting for the past 2 days, my favorite past time and I did it all for you guys. I'm always looking for any reason to decorate and Easter the perfect excuse.

Remember your Self-Help Challenge this week is to craft 
These projects are cheap, easy, and fun to do 

Bunny Tail Garland
Bunny Tails/Cotton Balls
String (to string the garland)
Hole punch
Glue (clear drying glue or hot glue gun) 
Colorfully designed scrapbook paper

*you should purchase pastel, spring themed, pattern paper
**I had some old scrapbook paper so I didn't purchase any more, when I got home I discover the paper was themed "old lodge" so my bunnies aren't as bright and cheery as I would like them to be

Take your time and freehand draw the shape below. It took me 10 minutes to get the correct shape. I also folded the paper in half for symmetrical cutting

Once you're happy with your shape trace and cut out 16-20 bunnies

Glue bunny tails (cotton balls) onto the butts of the bunnies allow 10-15 minutes to fully dry 

Punch holes in both bunny ears in each bunny

String bunny together spacing them about an inch apart
Knot at both ends and hang 

Easter Egg Yarn Garland

Mod Podge Katte
5-7 (12 inch balloons)
Multi colored pastel yarn
Sponge Brush
Blow balloons until about 6 inches 
(almost full, this will create a egg shape)

Cover balloon with Mod Podge using your sponge brush

Wrap yarn around balloon creating a fun design to completely cover the ballon
Balloon will look like a big mess thats a good thing

Dab in Mod Podge over string generously cover the yarn 
Let dry for 24 hours 

This is how it was supposed to turn out

Pop balloons and remove balloon from center
Hang and enjoy

I didn't see the last step where you soak the yarn in Mod Podge again. So my garland turned in to cool looking yarn balls when I popped the balloons, which still looked pretty cool. 
I will be trying this one again!

Easter Egg Jello Molds
Empty egg carton
12 jumbo plastic Easter eggs with no holes 
6 - 3oz boxes of different flavor/color jello
Whipped cream
Non-stick vegetable oil spray *not buttered flavored
A medical syringe - I purchased infant medicine that included a syringe
*I couldn't find Easter egg without holes so I hot glued the holes located in the bottom of the eggs

Expand or create a hole at the top (small end) of your plastic egg

Use the screw driver carefully working it in then seriously working the tool around. You want to hole to accommodate the syringe comfortably 
*be careful of your hands when doing this step 

Wash eggs in hot soapy water and allow to dry

Spray eggs with vegetable oil, do not over coat *I sprayed the eggs and removed the excess oil with a paper towel

Place 1 cup of water in microwave for 2 minutes to boil 

Add Jello to boil water and stir for 60-90 seconds until completely dissolved

Place 1/4 cup of whipped cream in another bowl

Add 1/2 of jello mixture to bowl and whisk to combine
Seal and secure plastic egg molds with hole facing up

Using syringe inject 10ml of jello/cream mixture into each egg and place in fridge for 30-45 minutes

Removed eggs from fridge and inject 10ml of clear jello mixture into each egg

Place eggs in fridge for 30-45 minutes

Repeat these steps until eggs are full

Carefully remove eggs from mold


Tomorrow I'm sharing different ways to decorate Easter Eggs
Have a wonderful Day!

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