Challenge Monday

Challenge Monday

Fitness Challenge

V-day quick fix

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Complete my V-day Quick Fix Workout 5-6 days this week 

Why Why Why
  • This workout is designed to quickly tone your entire body
  • Valentines day is coming up and everyone wants to look good naked
  • This workout is hard but no pain no gain 
  • Yourself
  • Yoga mat or old towel

Complete 4 sets of each exercise 
Squat thrusts • 10 reps 
Reverse crunches • 15 reps
Elbow to knee • 10 reps
Plank jacks • 12 reps
Side step squats • 25 reps
X Reverse crunches • 15 reps
Pushups into side plank • 8 reps
Planks • 30 seconds 

My Take
I'm willing to push myself through a hard workout if I know I will get results. That’s where this routine comes in, it's hard but the results don't lie. Enjoy the burn 

Nutrition Challenge

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I challenge you to eat fruit for dessert everyday this week 

Why Why Why
  • Desserts are calorie monsters created to satisfy your sweet tooth and expand your waist line
  • Swapping out fruit for a rich dessert for 7 days can save you 300-500 calories depending on your current diet
  • Fruit is as sweet as sugar with a fraction of the calories
  • V day is Saturday indulge then!!! Save those calories for the big night 
  • Your favorite fruit
  • Here are some fruit based recipes to try
  • Swap out dessert for fruit at least 5 days this week
  • If you don't eat dessert add more fruit to your diet 
My Take
I grew up devouring homemade cakes and pies so I have a serious sweet tooth. Over the years I've tamed the beast but I still need something on the sweet side after dinner. The boyfriend got me hooked on eating fruit as a dessert. It took a while to actually enjoy it, but once I stopped comparing honey dew to chocolate cake I realized fruit is refreshing and curbs my sugar cravings at night. Other cultures have been eating fruit as dessert for centuries. It’s time we get on board and opt for strawberries rather than cheesecake. 

Self-Improvement Challenge

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I challenge you to be your own Valentine this week  

Why Why Why
  • Self love is the most important type of love
  • If you don't love yourself it's impossible to truly give yourself to someone else 
  • Everyone doesn’t have a Valentine so instead of pouting and feeling sorry for yourself write, create, or schedule your own valentines day this year 
  • Even if you have a significant other it's very beneficial to spoil yourself in a way only you know how
  • Who knows what you really want more than yourself
All materials are optional since your creating your own valentines

Take some time this week to think about what you would really want for Valentine's Day this year. Maybe it's a long massage, to take a bath, to get some of your favorite chocolates, or to indulge at your favorite restaurant,  whatever will make you happy do it! Be your own valentines day this week

My Take
I've had a boyfriend for the last 5 years and have planned everyone of our Valentines festivities. I'm not complaining but sometimes planing gets a little old, so I put it all on him this year. Sadly I have a feeling he's not going to plan anything other than an excuse, lol. That's where I got the brilliant idea to be my own Valentine. I'm going to buy myself some of my favorite Godiva thin dark chocolates, write myself a silly poem and schedule a long massage. I won't schedule anything on Saturday just in case he surprised me with some shocking plans. Can’t wait for V-day.

Peace & Love,


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My name is Mary! I was obese for most of my life, around 7 years ago I decided to take control of my life and successfully lost over 150 pounds. But that's just the beginning of my journey. Join me as I evolve into the person I was born to become. I love to cook, craft, read, and make people smile. I'm happy you've stumbled on by. Let’s Evolve Together.

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