Self-Esteem Quiz


Hi Friends

Do negative comments completely shatter your view of yourself?

Can you handle criticism and rejection? 

Do you believe in yourself and your abilities?

This test will evaluate your general level of self esteem while helping you learn a little more about yourself. 

You might be surprised with what you learn. 

Self-Esteem Quiz

When someone asks for your help you most often 
 a) Stick to your priorities and schedule a time to talk later 
 b) Stop and talk on the phone with that person for an hour
 c) Drop everything and hurry to help him or her

Your friends want to watch a new movie you don't want to see. Do you...
 a) Tell them you'll meet them after the movie
 b) Let yourself be dragged to the movie but stew about it
 c) Go with them anyway

When you work through your daily to do list you typically
 a) Do at least one thing to nourish yourself during the day
 b) Do something to nurture yourself only if all the other tasks are done
 c) Don't do anything for your own self care 

When someone compliments your appearance but you believe you're having a bad hair day. Do you...
 a) Say, "Thank you, I appreciate that!"
 b) Smile but doubt that the other person is being honest
 c) Immediately object and say you don't think you look good. 

If you're faced with a challenging task with a tight timeline you tend to:
 a) Ask for help and guidance
 b) Do it yourself even if you have to stay up all night
 c) Feel helpless and give up

How do you react when a friend or family member doesn't show up when agreed or breaks a promise? Do you...
 a) Let the other person know immediately that this behavior doesn't work for me
 b) Act hurt the next time you see the person
 c) Ignore it and assume you are the one who did something wrong

When a repairman does a sloppy job, you generally
 a) Tell him you are not happy and you want it correct right away
 b) Hesitate to confront him
 c) Ask a strong male partner or friend to contact the person 

In a meeting, if a co-worker disagrees with you in front of everyone, you tend to
 a) Speak up to correct misconceptions and give facts to support your case
 b) Roll your eyes while he or she is talking
 c) Slump down in your chair and wish you could disappear 

When in a room with a mirror, you tend to
 a) Smile and give yourself a mental hug
 b) Frown at your image and quickly turn away
 c) Obsess about the details of how you look 

When you and your partner disagree about what to do on vacation you
 a) Make sure both of your needs are met during the trip
 b) Toss a coin and grumble if you lose
 c) Go along with what your partner prefers to do

A big project is finally over. The next day you
 a) Reward yourself by celebrating in a meaningful uplifting way 
 b) Indulge in overeating something that's not good for you
 c) Think about all the things you could have done better

When you make a mistake you usually 
 a) Take action to correct the situation and move on
 b) Pick up the phone and talk it over for a long time with friends
 c) Criticize yourself and worry about what will happen for days

How do you make important decisions
 a) Spend time alone to tune in to what your heart says
 b) Call all your friends and get their opinions 
 c) You worry and often can't make up your mind

A job you've always wanted opens up. You...
 a) Grab the application and fill it out immediately
 b) Take a moth to evaluate the pros and cons
 c) Do nothing because you're afraid you're not good enough

When the food you ordered at a restaurant is cold and over cooked you...
 a) Flag down the waiter and ask for a different dish - pronto
 b) Eat it and then complain to the waiter when the bill comes
 c) Eat it anyways so you don't embarrass anymore 

If you answered mostly A
You are doing great! Keep up the good work 
Congratulations!!! You've learned the importance of respecting yourself and drawing appropriate boundaries. You are the king or queen of your own castle and a good example to others of what it means to have a him sense of self-esteem.

If you answered mostly B
You are not getting all deserve out of life
You could benefit by being honest about how you are feeling and then asserting yourself in healthy ways. Don't be afraid to ask for support when you need it too. By taking those steps you'll begin to feel more confident, energized and fulfilled. 

If you answer mostly C
You need to work on your self esteem 
You lack the confidence in yourself and others. Your lack of self-esteem reflects your overall appraisal of a person in his or her own worth. You constantly feel inadequate and undeserving. You often rely on others to figure out how they feel about yourself. 
You need positive external experiences (e.g. compliments from friends) to counteract the negative feelings and thoughts that constantly plague you. Even then the good feeling (such as from a good grade or compliment is usually temporary. 

Work on making positive memories and positive experiences. Don't be affairs to stand up for yourself. Participate in the weekly self help challenges posted every Monday on this blog. Make small changes in the correct direction.  

That's all today folks
If you want to discus your results contact me at

Blessings Friends


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